10 member teams You create

List of a ten member team you would like to see. Can even be combination of earths and eras. Give the city the team would be based in and main purpose of team. Leader and team positions.

Vandal Savage
Captain Cold
Dr. Poison
Lightning Lord
Johnny Quick (from the Earth-3 crime syndicate)

City, we don’t think that small. Earth…Seriously, we can do much better than that. But we’re not greedy, we’ll just take a single universe in the multiverse. The original Earth-2 universe. We’ll crush both the Axis and the Allies, and move out from there. Besides, Earth-2 has much better pinup models. And Darkseid is calling dibs on Power Girl, what with possessing the anti-life equation and all.

Pardon me…what’s that…you were talking about 10 member team of heroes. :rofl: You’ve got to be joking. Where is the fun in that. :smiling_imp:

Like a 92 Olympics Dream Team roster? Assuming they would work together?

Martian Manhunter
Dr. Fate
Big Barda
Tim Drake
Lady Shiva
Hank Henshaw

I have always felt, wether writers focused on it or not, Firestorm was maybe the most powerful being on earth. It feels like cheating to have him on any team.