102 Minutes

Often I imagine a team of 9 DC superheroes from various teams, using existing plots from DC and Marvel comics.

Rarely, I use real events like this one, where real heroes like firefighters, police and EMS are aided by super humans

The concept is that, after various crises and alien invasions, there are only nine superheroes left: two refugees from Earth 2, an Outsider, three JL members and three former teen Titans.

Never forget.


It was 8:46 on September 11, 2001, when his on board network communicated to Victor Stone, Cyborg, that something had happened at the North Tower of the World Trade Center in New York City.

He immediately contacts the other eight members living in their Virginia headquarters.

Kara Zor-el, !eader of New Justice, quickly decided to investigate on site. By then, there had been descriptions by various news organizations that a plane had crashed into the North Tower. Surely they might be needed for disaster recovery, she reasoned.

Raven teleported the nine to outside the North Tower. She was momentarily exhausted.

Bodies were falling from the building.

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New Green Lantern Jessica Cruz tried desperately to stop the falling bodies, using her power ring.

The excelleration of the bodies were too fast, and her attempts to save them failed.

She immediately took Metamorpho with her to the ninety third floor, where the plane crashed, with all it’s fuel. They decided he would attempt to contain the intense heat, while she constructed a bridge connected to the nearby South Tower, to transport any survivors to safety.

Their leader, Power Girl quickly communicated with the Fire and Police Command Center for a plan.

The seven remaining superheroes, along with twenty one expert police, fire and EMS personnel, were teleported by Raven to the top of the North Tower.

Raven collapsed as she accomplished the task, but soon partially recovered.

Cyborg broke the top, locked door and the group descended downwards.

They were in the North Tower at 9:03, when the second plane hit the South Tower.

The North Tower swayed a little as it felt the impact of the crash into the nearby building.

The group decided to break into two, with half going to the South Tower.

Raven, Cyborg, Beast Boy and Red Arrow (Roy Harper) walked up the stairs to get to the Top of the North Tower, along with half of the human heroes. Raven teleported them all to the Top of the South Tower.

Power Girl, Huntress (Helena Wayne) and Martian Manhunter continued down the North Tower, with the other half of the group.

Power Girl’s group soon encountered frightened civilians, who were quickly examined by the skilled EMS staff. The larger group proceeded downward.

The group would shout loudly to attract the attention of other survivors and then waited for a reply. The group grew.

On each floor, they tried to check every part of the floor, including locked doors and elevators. Jonn Jonzz, the Martian Manhunter would often phase through a barrier and saved several people.

Similarly, Beast Boy would crawl through areas, where the empath nature of Raven indicated likely survivors. Cyborg and Red Arrow used their weapons to blast open areas, after Beast Roy ensured that new civilians were far from the blast area.

In the North Tower, Metamorpho joined up with the large group.

He said,’ The fuel is too intense for my abilities, but I found a staircase we can use to transport the civilians to Jessica’s bridge to the South Tower.

And soon the group had no more civilians as they went further down the stairs, to below the fire level. Civilians in the fire zone were reluctantly considered lost, at least for now.

Soon Power Girl indicated to Jessica that they were below the fire zone and to dissolve the bridge.

Jessica rested for a bit, then transported injured survivors in the South Tower to ambulances on ground level.

Then she constructed another green bridge, above the eighty fifth floor, where the fire began in the South Tower, and connected it to the North Tower.

The group were united then and pushed toward the seventy four floor, which was below the fire zone. Then half the group would search for survivors in the South Tower again.

It was 9:39 when the entire group was still in the North Tower, when the South Tower fell quickly.

Too quickly, Power Girl thought but Helena, Jonn and Metamorpho could examine the crime scene later.

They all mourned those in the South Tower that they might have saved.

They moved quickly down the North Tower now, fearful of the North Tower beging disintergrated, like the South Tower.

Super heroes and ordinary men and women, civilians and officers alike helped carry the burned and injured downwards.

So many steps, but they were way below the fire zone now, and they increased their speed as best they could, driven by. adrenaline.

The last of the group made it out just before 10: 28, when the North Tower fell, as suddendly and as suspiously as the South Tower did.

102 minutes had elapsed.

The Pentagon had been attacked and a plane had crashed in Pennsylvania, but they had been too busy to intervene.

Power Girl vowed that the lives lost would be avengened.

Kara Zor-el , the New Justice leader, was astonished when government agents refused to allow her team to investigate the former World Trade site, as well the rapid pace of clearing away, what was evidence.

Metamorpho and Martian Manhunter entered the site at dark, and took as many samples as they could

Kara knew that punishment for this deed must come first, before a thorough forensic nvestigation, but ensured that the evidence eollected was in a secure area before dropping the matter.

The next night, Cyborg interrupted all national broadcasting.

Kara spoke to the nation for the first time, in her normal costume of leotard, boots and cape.

Two rows of four heroes each were visible behind here. The first row contained people wearing masks. The second row were hooded, with some indications that they looked liked monsters.

Let’s start with a little fear, she thought. She had asked everyone to look even more leathery and monstrous than usual, carrying multiple weapons each, like swords for decapitations , machine guns and grenades

"I come from a time and place where people I knew made sure Hitler and his leaders suffered for hours before being executed. Surrender now, enemies of America, and I guarantee you life in an ultra secure prison. Tomorrow, that offer goes off the table.

My people are expert in detection, interrogation, surveillance and creating vast areas of destruction, even in a foreign land, where no one is entirely innocent.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you."

The next day, there were nine pairs of boots in Afghanistan.

Nearby mountains were destroyed first, as if these creatures knew where those who had planned the attack might be. And they did, because Huntress and Cyborg had collected all recent sightings from every intelligence agency in the world the night before.

New Justice entered every cave and killed every one within, except for a few that conveniently escaped, so the team could find their next target.

It took a week before the mission was accomplished.

Intelligence agencies collected evidence to persue further.

No threats against America were issued for a very long time.

Bump before giving up

Don’t give up.

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