2020 Comic Reading Challenge

Im halfish thru the powerless books, and lookin forward to the trials. Crazy bummed that theres a chunk of issues missing in between, like the Nubia stuff. And just read the Brave and the bold issue where Diana saves Batman from racecar shenanigans but gets busted for stealin a car!


Why doesn’t MHA count? Manga series are literally Japanese comics lol.

Ah, I didn’t know he got into writing comic books after his adventures in Jurassic Park.


I figured since manga is organized differently, it would be difficult to compare. I will say, though, I’m not all that well versed in manga, so if you think it should count, then by all means, go ahead and do so.

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Only 18 this week, for a yearly total of 175. Reading full issues of Golden Age or 70s 100/80 page specials slows down the count. Book of the week was a surprise, read Detective 444 for a backup story for research but found the main story a Len Wein/Neal Adams Batman story that’s the start of a longer mystery. Pretty darn good.
Batman 88
Batman (1940) 255
Birds of Prey (1998) 107-108 Acquired Tastes
Detective Comics (1937) 38, 444
Justice League 40
Suicide Squad (2016) 5-8
The Brave and the Bold (1955) 76
The Huntress (1989) 1, 2, 4 DC Character Club
Wonder Woman (1942) 2
Wonder Woman (2016) 58-60


I’m up to 215. I’d list but at this point it just seems too comprehensive

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Just finished up east of west, sooooo good. Every time i long for the whiplash pace of older comics where so much would happen in just 22 pages, i read a book where there’s a definite long term plan, and I’m left in awe. 2019 ended with a read thru of the Manhattan projects, might do Hickman’s FF stuff next. And his xmen stuff is trickling into Marvel U…dude writes a mean funnybook.

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I read The Court of Owls for World of Bats, so that’s seven issues.

OK, so I’ve started reading a year at a time of each series instead of a month at a time because I was going nuts rotating through all the titles constantly. Anyway, here’s all my 1993 picks (though I’ve also already read all the issues of Detective Comics, Robin, and Catwoman from that year).

Finally picked up the three lead-in issues to Knightfall from the Batman title. Probably should’ve read those a while ago, but they were the only ’93 issues I hadn’t read. Decent but unremarkable.

Twelve issues of The New Titans. I could write multiple books on all the things that have gone horribly, horribly wrong with this series when I already thought it was a little overrated to begin with (mostly the fact that all the characters I actually like seem to constantly end up dead, evil, or vegetative). I know, I know, I should stop reading it, but I’m kind of morbidly fascinated. I think I have a problem.

Eleven issues of Wonder Woman. That space arc seriously lasted way too long. Meandered for a couple issues before launching into an arc that’s a little better but not super interesting.

Eight issues of Justice League America. Jurgens’ run became very nearly tolerable once Superman died, and hey, at least J’onn came back. The following run was looking interesting but I hit a stretch of un-digitized issues.

I’ve been meaning to read what we’ve got of the Connor Hawke Green Arrow run, so I made a last-minute decision to catch the closing arc for Ollie. Only two issues so far (I’ll pick some more up in ’94) and by different writers (#80 by Mike Grell and #81 by Kevin Dooley), but they were both fine issues.

Sixteen issues of Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight: I’ll bullet-point this by story arc because of the rotating creative teams and varying style.

  • Sunset: Basically Sunset Boulevard with vampires and Batman. Cheesy as all hell but the premise amused me. I like it.
  • Hothouse: Pretty bog-standard story for Ivy, but nothing especially wrong with it either.
  • Turf: This comic’s sense of subtlety reminds me of a sledgehammer to the face.
  • Heat: This comic’s sense of subtlety reminds me of a sle-Hey, didn’t I just read this one? In all seriousness, I’m repeatedly surprised by just how wildly the quality of Doug Moench’s writing fluctuates from story to story. Also, not Catman’s most dignified showing.
  • Images: Oh my god. A sense of humor. Dialogue. Pacing. Plot! It’s almost like a real story or something. Thank you, Denny O’Neil!
  • Snitch: Pacing was awkward at the beginning and the dialogue needs work, but it was a nice kinda Bronze Agey mystery and Ragman is cool.
  • Tao: I feel like Alan Grant is trying to be Denny O’Neil, but is missing the “is a good writer” part.
  • Sactum: More vampires. Is it just me, or was LotDK really repetitive in 1993?
  • Halloween Special: I loved Loeb and Sale’s work on The Long Halloween and to a lesser extent Dark Victory, and this oneshot is up there with those.
  • Only caught the first issue so I’ll give final thoughts later, but my initial reaction to Watchtower: I normally like Chuck Dixon’s writing, but this is a particularly bland Dark Knight Returns clone, and one that somehow has even uglier art than the original flavor.

Twelve issues of The Spectre. And… OH MY GOD (so to speak) THIS BOOK IS AWESOME. Barring a few single issues, this is probably the best new thing I’ve read all year. Digging up gems like this is one of the reasons I’m doing such a slow crawl through Post-Crisis

Showcase ’93 is another twelve issues. Going to break it down by the different story arcs:

  • Doug Moench’s Catwoman story: This was OK, though I still don’t know how Catwoman figured out that the bad guy had the painting she was looking for.
  • Gary Cohn and Dan Mishkin’s Blue Devil story: Overextended and not really as funny as I think it was trying to be, but essentially inoffensive.
  • Len Wein’s Cyborg story: Kind of a pointless shaggy dog story.
  • Michael J. Martinek’s Flash story: Short, mostly. I guess it had a fun gimmick, but not much to it.
  • Mike W. Barr’s Geo-Force story: OH MY GOD IT’S A SOLID WALL OF EXPOSITION
  • Doug Moench’s Robin story: Good follow-up to the Catwoman one. Second half was largely redundant, though.
  • Mike Baron’s Peacemaker story: I’ve never liked Peacemaker just in general. I’ve also never liked Kobra, so the two of them facing off is a perfect recipe for me not caring, even with Deathstroke and Deadshot butting in for really no particular reason. Also Katana. And Doctor Light. STOP ADDING CHARACTERS, MIKE. It also set up some kind of mind control plotline and abandoned it between issues. This thing is also ungodly long, lasting the better part of the full year.
  • Doug Moench’s Two-Face story: Moench was busy in ’93. This is fine. Pretty typical for Two-Face.
  • Michael J. Martinek’s Jade and Obsidian story: “Mister McEscher?” Seriously? Mister Mc-Frickin’-Escher?! Name aside, as discount Mysterios go, I guess he… uh, is one.
  • Elliot S! Maggin’s Fire and Ice story: This felt a little… I don’t know, truncated somehow? Like I was only seeing every other page or so.
  • Guess whose Huntress story?: It’s Doug Moench. It’s Doug Moench’s Huntress story. And it’s… good? I guess?
  • James Robinson’s Shining Knight story: Solid oneshot. Not much to say about it, but it’s good.
  • Len Wein’s Martian Manhunter story: I’m OK with anything involving J’onn and Oreos.
  • Nightwing story: Oh, you wanted to know who wrote it? Turns out it was actually Doug Moench of all people. Go figure, right? Again, it’s fine, but I’m as sick of this Bracuda guy as Robin is. He’s really not interesting enough to support three different story arcs dedicated to capturing him. Twice in the Robin one.
  • Ivan Velez Jr.’s Wonder Woman story: This was a good one.
  • Brian Augustyn’s Green Lantern story: Is it just me, or is the only way old GL books know how to make something a threat just painting it yellow? Decent story but not much to it.
  • Keith Giffen’s Creeper story: In this story, the Creeper sings karaoke. So yeah, I liked it.

Twelve issues of Black Canary. For a twelve-issue limited series, it’s a complex beast. It starts with the same creative team as its four-issue predecessor from 1991, and is about as disjointed and incomprehensible as that one. Then Issue #8 has an entirely different creative team and is focused almost entirely on the Ray for some reason. Then the original creative team comes back in #9, except they stick with the new editor, Denny O’Neil instead of Mike Gold. And it’s a perfect example of the difference an editor can make, since under O’Neil the series gets downright legible, and, dare I say, even good. Still too many guest stars, but all those guest stars add up to Oracle, Black Canary, and Huntress’s first appearance in the same issue with #10, so I’ll cut it some slack. It also ends on a cliffhanger that’s never picked up anywhere, according to my research.

Seven issues of Justice League Task Force. Yeah, yeah, I know. Except for an obscure and edgy ‘90s Justice League spinoff, it’s… surprisingly decent, actually. I kinda like it. Rotating creative teams are always risky, but the issues I read were all by good writers, so the tone and continuity aren’t the most consistent but the quality honestly totally holds up.

So, I just got lucky reading an over-the-top, edgy ‘90s series. I’m a dumb person and wanted to push that luck, so it was on to six issues of Guy Gardner. And what do you know? Another series that’s actually a lot better than it has any right to be.

For Superbooks, I already read the whole Death of Superman saga, so I just picked up seven issues on the tail end of the year. And… THE SUPERMULLET! IT BURNS! (But otherwise these were mostly fine issues.)

That’s 115, which makes 380 in total.


Wow, that was a looong read @BatJamags.

I loved it. And it came at a good time for me. It was a hectic bad week for me and I barely got a dozen comics read. So, it was nice to see someone enjoy their week in comics.
Kinda disappointed hearing about the lather-rinse-repeat approach of the New Titans’ 90’s run. Just picked up their Silver/Bronze age runs via omnibus’ and the entire 80’s New Teen Titans run. Watched them in Young Justice animated series and wanted to go back and read the Whole history.
So, you like Spectre, too. I found Mr. Terrific’s (II) origin story in that series and fell in love with it (got a real kick when they upgraded the Arrowverse to the Spectreverse [hey he did rewrite their history]).
I was thinking about reading all of the Justice League runs (halfway through vol. 1). Nice to know Task Force is pretty decent.
Thanks again for comic op-ed it was very encouraging.

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Feb Week 3
Swamp Thing - # - # - DC Library
DC Comics: Bombshells - #58 - #60 - DC Library
Black Label - - Comic ( must :persevere: get to comic shop :confounded:)
Ame-Comi Girls - #7 - #9 - DC Library
The Flash - #107 - # - The Flash Silver Age Omnibus Vol. 1
Zero Hour - #4 - # - DC Library
Who’s Who: DC Universe - #2 - DC Library
Star Trek: Year Five - #4 - # - Comic

Total - Weekly 10 - Monthly 46+10 - Annual 199+10

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Justice league America #17-36

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