2020 Comic Reading Challenge

I’m in as well, I already track everything I read, so I’ll just copy/paste. Since the DC app came into my life, I’ve gone back and re-read/read significant events, storylines of my favorite characters, fun storylines…etc. Since the beginning of DC Comic book times.

Currently in the New 52 zone;
Nightwing New 52 (Issues 20-30)
Aquaman New 52 (44 Issues)
Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451: The Authorized Adaptation - graphic novel
Justice League New 52 (Issues 1-17)
Green Arrow New 52 (Issues 1-6)
Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey (6 issues) C/O: Detective Comics #831/Showcase 96’ #3/Nightwing/Huntress #2/Gotham Central #6/Batman #567/ Catwoman #16
Justice League International New 52 (Issues 1-12)
Justice League Dark New 52 ( Issues 1-6)
Static Shock new 52 (Issues 1-6)
Lady Killer (Issues 1-5)
Laura Dean keeps breaking up with me (1 big issue)
This one summer (1 big issue)
Suicide Squad New 52 (Issues 1-7)
Teen Titans New 52 (1-7 + 17 + 19-23 +23.1)
The Culling event New 52 (16 Issues)
The Phantom Stranger New 52 (1 Issue)
Birds of Prey New 52 (13 Issues)
Catwoman New 52 ( 26 Issues)
Red Hood and the Outlaws New 52 (23 Issues)
Harley Quinn # 70
Birds of Prey: Huntress (6 Issues)
Harley Quinn & The Birds Of Prey Book 1
New 52 - Villains (28 Issues)
Dark Knight New 52 (31 Issues)
Prez (2 Issues)
Batman INC New 52 (15 issues)
Superman/Wonder Woman New 52 ( 6 Issues)
Superman Doomed (19 Issues)
Black Lightning: Cold Dead Hands (6 Issues)
JLA: Crisis of Conscience (5 Issues)
Justice League Of America: Vibe New 52 (10 Issues)
JLA New 52 (5 Issues)
Anti/Hero graphic novel (4 Issues/chapters)
Detective Comics New 52 (7 Issues)
Batgirl New 52 (1 Issue)


I’m definitely in! So far I have read:
Shazam (2018) #1 - #4
Heroes in Crisis (2018) #4 - #9
Detective Comics (2016) #984
Titans (2008) #9
Infinite Crisis (2005) #1 - #6
The Flash (2005) #106, #138, #155

I’m such a slow reader…


Started my spreadsheet yesterday, will post once a week


History Club is doing Silver Age and the Flash this month, you should drop in with your thoughts


This sounds like an awesome idea!

My list so far:

Aquaman (2016) #40
Green Lantern (2018) #2
Aquaman (2011) #2-3
Sweet Tooth #13-40
The Walking Dead #145-193
Thor (2020) #1
Silver Surfer Black #1-5
Frogcatchers by Jeff Lemire - a re-read
Flash (1987) #0
Superman (2016) #7
Swamp Thing Winter Special (2018) #1 - a re-read
The Sandman #3-8
Paper Girls #6-30
Batman: The Killing Joke - a re-read
Young Justice (2019) #2
Heroes in Crisis #1-5
All Star Superman #1-12
The Immortal Hulk #10-24
Superman: American Alien #1-7
The Incredible Hulk #377
The Incredible Hulk #1
Preacher #18-26
Divinity #1-4
Invader Zim #3-10
The Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite #1-6
The Underwater Welder (4 part graphic novel)
Ascender #1-5


Love the idea! I’ll try to do it!


Great I’ll try too!


I’m going to give it a try. I’ll probably just edit my post to keep track. So far this year:
Plasticman (2003) 7 through 16
Gotham Academy (2014) 1through 18
The Forever People (1971) 1 through 11*
Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen 133 through 148*
The New Gods* (1971) 1 through 10

  • Yes I’m reading Jack Kirby’s Fourth World series in it’s entirety. :slight_smile:
    Suicide Squad (2011) 1 through 15
    Sensation Comics (1942) 1 through 24
    Wonder Woman (1942) 1 through 4
    Team 7 (2012) 1-4

Why not. What is there to lose.


I like challenges (reading, moviegoer, TV, etc), so going in on this one. I’m not likely to read a huge quantity of comics, but rather focusing on comics that lead into live action movies or (new) animated series. With that, I’m focusing on Harley Quinn at the moment, with Birds of Prey coming out February 2020 and then going to focus on Wonder Woman, with WW1984 coming out in the summer.

I do have a question. What is the best way to read these comics on a laptop? I’ve been reading through my phone with the pinch and zoom and my eyesight works better. Any suggestions on better ways to read comics through the laptop (bigger screen)?

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I use my tablet to read the comics, it gives me three option to actually swipe the screen to turn the paige, that’s why i switched from reading them on my phone, it was killing my eyes. As far as your laptop goes, i don’t really have a good answer for you on that. Sorry.

I have a Kindle Fire, but it’s an older one and apparently the DCU app isn’t available on that :frowning: So, my choices are phone or laptop to read the comics at the moment. Guess it’s time to buy a new compatible tablet if I’m going to get into this super seriously.

Batgirl (2011-) issues 1-8

I’m a bit slow.


If you’re wanting to get into this club seriously like you’re saying, go ahead and upgrade and get that reading on.

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@Todd_Russell I definitely can recommend the newer kindle fire, it is what I read my comics on and I love it! Great display and very easy to use.

Like you I really like to “prep” for new movies, shows, etc by reading the comic arcs. The DCU app REALLY let’s you go down that rabbit hole of you want too.

Several times I have been just to read 4 or 5 issues and before I know I am into 3 or 4 related titles. But in truth it is a great problem to have.


@KamAndi80 - thank you. My wife has a newer tablet, so might try to squirrel away from her in the meantime, since I got a shiny new laptop for Christmas. I was really hoping somebody here would have a suggestion on how to read these comics on a computer screen, because it’s so much BIGGER. Maybe somebody on here will have that answer … ?

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Tablet is the way to go. I tried but never could figure out how to read comics on a regular computer. My wife got me a tablet for Xmas. First thing I did was get the subscription to DC. Reading comics on a phone just plain sucks.


I 100% agree with you on the phone. I tried it for i think one page and decided to go with my tablet. Will all be looking forward to some discussions with you soon.


Okay for the first week in January, 2020, I have read:
Before Watchmen: Minutemen 1-6
B.W.: Dollar Bill
B.W.: The Comedian 1-6
B.W.: Rorschach 1-4
B.W.: Silk Spectre 1-4
B.W.: Nite Owl 1-4
B.W.: Dr. Manhattan 1-4
B.W.: Ozymandias 1-6
B.W.: Moloch 1 & 2
Doomsday Clock (3 of 12)

Week Two!
Wonder Woman (2006) 7-9
Amazons Attack 1,2
Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld (1983) 1-5
Blackest Night 1,2,3
Camelot 3000 1
Deadman (1985) 1
Green Lantern 43, 44, 45
Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps 1,2,3
Blackest Night: Batman 1
Blackest Night: Superman 1
Blackest Night: Titans 1
Green Lantern Corps 39
Shazam 48

Week Three!
Blackest Night: Batman 2,3
Blackest Night: Superman 2,3
Blackest Night: Titans 2,3
Blackest Night: Flash 1-3
Blackest Night: Wonder Woman 1-3
Blackest Night: JSA 1-3
Green Arrow (2007) 30
Green Lantern Corps 40-47
Green Lantern 46-52
Adventure Comics 4,5,7,890
Catwoman 83
Blackest Night 4-8
Untold Tales of Blackest Night 1
Camelot 3000 2-5

Week Four
Crisis On Infinite Earths 9-12
Deadman (1985) 2-5
Earth 2 # 1-5
Worlds Finest (2012) 1-5
Final Crisis 1
Wonder Woman (1986) 205, 206

Week Five! (And Goodbye, January)
DC Comics: Bombshells 10-18
Final Crisis 2

Monthly Total: 144


Still all in, I’ll put up the list on Thursday. Its gonna be huuuuuuuge.