2020 Comic Reading Challenge

Adventureman is from Image written by Fraction with art by the Dodsons. I really hadn’t been checking out the other companies for a long while, but started looking lately and Dodsons’ art with Fraction writing seemed like it would be worth a go.
On Swamp Thing, 70s is about where it starts to dive, but the next writer is supposed to be really worth it.


I’ll check on him.

And I think I will get back to Swamp Thing. Been wanting to read about John’s errr Swamp Thing’s baby.


Had to go back to work after my case of Covid so my reading is going to slow. But since I went over my self imposed rule of 1000, I think I’m good with that. So what did I read?

Chronos 1-11 (11)
Batman and robin Adventures 1-14 (14)
Avengers 353-402 (49)

That is 74 more comics read added to my previous total of 1044. This brings my new total to 1118.