2020 Lego DC Minifigures Are Out

Mister Miracle, Simon Baz and The Huntress are the ones I want the most.

They have gone up from $3 to $5 in the time I have been collecting them. That is natural but there comes a point when I personally have to decide if they’re worth it for me, that’s all.
I haven’t heard of the store you mentioned so maybe labeling them is a regional thing or a preference of that seller. There used to be indents/dots that supposedly indicated the contents of the package but the most reliable method is just feeling the packs.
My Target has some Disney series 2, a lot of Harry Potter series 2, and even more of the latest series so I worry somewhat that blind packs just aren’t as novel anymore.

Apparently there used to be a secondary, smaller barcode on the pack that identified them but I don’t think that has been on them for a very long time. There were also indented dots on the package (like from when the pack was sealed) that supposedly had a pattern but I don’t know if that was ever reliable or if they are still used. For now, it seems like the only way is to feel the packs for unique parts. Wonder Woman would be relatively easy to feel for the skirt and some you can feel for the accessory. Or, buy a set off eBay. It’s less fun but you can get them at or below cost.

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Awesome definitely have to get some of these.

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You do realize that lego has been putting out blind bags for what… 10 years?

Most definitely.

I sure do realize it. And like other successful ideas, the market has become flooded with them. Different brands, different toys, different products. And they keep piling up in the aisles and now I notice it more and more with the LEGO series. which is what I meant by the novelty wearing off. But I have a feeling you knew that.

I just feel weird feeling a bag in a store.

Sure, the employee that’s hip knows what I’m doing and why, but Joe Q. Employee who knows nothing of toys sees me and shoots me a stinkeye.

Has anyone seen these at Target or Walmart yet? I imagine they’re in Target’s post-Christmas Lego reset plans.

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Wal-Mart and Michael’s supposedly have/had them in Central NY. I’m in Boston and it seems they always show up at Target very late.

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Michael’s, eh? Well, huh. That’s a new spot for toys. Probably by the registers.

I know it ruins the fun, but I’ll probably end up just getting the Mister Miracle and Stargirl ones on eBay. I don’t really collect LEGOs, but I do like using the minifigures as desk ornaments, and I’ve been wanting something Fourth World.

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I hope Lego has a field day with New Gods stuff when the movie comes out.

Comic based, movie based, it’s a segment of DC they could (and should) go nuts on.

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Oh man, I would love that just to see the LEGO designers go nuts with Kirby designs!

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I picked up my first two of these at Barnes and Noble last night. I was happily surprised to get Bumblebee and the Jay Garrick Flash, two characters who are always welcome in plastic form.

The included display/flight stands are pretty cool too.

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Found them today at Wegmans (Northeast grocery store). That place never stops amazing me.

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A trip to Wegmans is like a trip to Disney World if Disney World was also a grocery store. I’ll be looking out for Stargirl and Jay (a LEGO JSA of any size is enough to make a happy Soup.) but I’ll be happy to find any of them.


I spent like an hour feeling up packs at B&N yesterday. A couple of others were doing the same. I swear that there wasn’t a single MM in that entire box…


Love these so far! Some of these characters I have as customs from conventions but I still want the official releases. I need that Batman and Wonder Woman for my JSA

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