52 Aftermath: The Four Horsemen (2007-) #6

52 Aftermath: The Four Horsemen (2007-) #6

**Warning: this comment contains “52” spoilers!

A fun and imaginative end/wrap up for the 52 series. “52” was a great series that played a key role in building the universal foundation of the whole 52 era. Although I enjoyed plot lines surrounding the Four Horsemen, I had two small complaints:

  1. The summoning of the Four Horsemen was a key plot point that continued throughout “52”, however, the nature of their summoning - and of the Horsemen themselves - remained shrouded in mystery. We knew that they were Apokoliptian, we knew that they were very big baddies who wanted to take over the world, we knew that they were summoned from Apokolips by a group of mad scientists on Intergang’s payroll, and we knew that they were extremely formidable but not invulnerable; however, we learned little else about these antagonists.

  2. Although they were a “main event” in “52”, the Four Horsemen were one of many intertwined storylines during the series and I think that the writers simply found that there just wasn’t enough room to give them a larger spotlight. Ultimately, they were destroyed by another of the series’ “main event” characters: Black Adam. Despite this epic battle, it still left us with a somewhat anticlimactic ending to the Horsemen’s time on Earth.

That being said, I feel that “52 Aftermath: The Four Horsemen” handles these problem quite poetically. With the rebirth of the Horsemen in more “earthbound” forms, comes the chance to revisit these antagonists and to give them the spotlight story that they deserve. With Black Adam’s powers out of commission, the story can be revisited and taken in a whole new direction. This follow up story also provides us with a better understanding of the Horsemen. Because the Horsemen are the primary antagonists, there was no need to complete with many other intertwining plotlines and the writers had the time to expound on the origin and nature of these baddies. Well done :+1: