🎶 80's Mixtape Monday: DCU All-Star Games Edition 🎶

All great

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I clearly thought too hard about this, because I made my own playlist!

Real quick, here is a suggestion from my list:

“Separate Ways” by Journey is a glorious, hard-rock break-up song whose lyrics could easily be told from the perspective of both Dina and Floyd (her ex-boyfriend).

Seriously, listen to this:


Hello @MissInkBlot, before I add another music I wanted to ask you, what’s your favorite soundtrack to the 1989 Batman? :slightly_smiling_face:
Here’s my pick for a music from the 80s, this was my favorite song when I was little, ‘Somewhere out there’ from An American Tails.:slightly_smiling_face:

And here’s Music of the night, from The Phantom of the opera, this was part of the original Broadway from the late 80s. This song is for Tommy/Batman from All Star game.

Starting with the first half of my response today, but will be back to finish up tomorrow! :slight_smile:

@LDFM - Ooh, your second post certainly didn’t disappoint! I hadn’t heard “Don’t Stop Believin’” in a very long time, and hearing it again makes me remember how beautiful a song it is. That intro’s swoon-worthy, and does reflect Carl and his hero identity in message and overall feeling, I agree! And for Dina, considering her ex and her boyfriend really are fighting for her love Karate Kid-style when we start the game, “Love is a Battlefield” is such a good match - ticks off the boxes on many levels, there! I forgot about Metalhair, lol! But can imagine “Fade to Black” drifting out of Tommy’s car window (or his having it play in the background on his way to town with the rest of the Breakfast League), as well. Have a feeling Katie could be a fan of the song, too, and despite the trouble finding a pick for her, your choices have been fantastic! I felt like breaking out the 80s slang of approval! :wink:

@Applejack - What are you doing to meee? Every time I think I’m free of that song, it keeps dragging me in… that song’s going to be stuck in my head for the rest of the weekend now! :heart_eyes_cat: I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy it, though… at a minimum, that wet hair flip at 3:20 makes me laugh whenever I see the video, and it is, of course, a perfect song for a team like this one. You get not one, but both thumbs up, as expected! :wink:

@Reaganfan78 - Oh, my goodness, that song - the nostalgic hits all over again! Full disclosure: the adorable baby at 3:45 in is a perfect depiction of how I feel when listening to it, and would totally be my entry for the mood check thread right now. :wink: Shame on you, @Reaganfan78, now I’m stuck wanting to ask Sam if he’d mind recreating that scene (not to speak for everyone, but this mod, at least, wouldn’t mind dancing on the stairs :laughing:). :stuck_out_tongue: As for your new additions, I promise to check them out, and answer your question tomorrow!

Ooh, and I can’t wait to respond to all of your songs, @HubCityQuestion, @capo-mage, @Razzzcat, and @BCDC! With choices like that, you made not only my Monday, but both my week and weekend, as well! :hugs:

To add, it seems this week’s theme, and the show, itself, really, has me too bubbly (you all really should run away to spare yourselves, lol). In light of that, sharing a few more songs. :shushing_face:

Carl gets “Waiting on a Friend” for that great save of his in Episode 5:

Dina gets “Uptown Girl” because I already mentioned it:

Katie gets “Bad Reputation”

Tommy gets “Bad” (“Smooth Criminal” would work, too, so pretty much “all things MJ” lol)


I’m happy to oblige. Glad we helped make your week!!! Great choices by u & everyone as always.


Sneak into a office Hello @MissInkBlot, you here?

Ok guys all clear, put the music video on her desk over there!:grin:

Ok Since the take place in the 80s and we have a wrestler Xavier Wood playing the game, here’s a theme music that belong to a famous wrestler from the 80s, Hulk Hogan. Here’s ‘Real American.’ What’cha gonna do @MissInkBlot with Hulkmania running wild on you?!:sunglasses: :us: :us: :us: :us: :us: :us:
*In case you don’t watch Wrestling, That’s what Hulk Hogan say almost every time before he wrestle. :slightly_smiling_face:

My heart is telling me this 80s party is in need of a PRINCE. :star_struck:

And an Annie Lennox!

Ah, that feels better…
Also, forgot to add my key…sor-ryyy! :upside_down_face:

You Dropped a Bomb on Me- The Gap Band (Sam/GM)
Sweet Dreams- Eurythmics
Everybody wants to Rule the World- Tears for Fears (Dina/Wonder Woman.)
It’s Tricky- Run DMC (Tommy/Batman)
Delirious- Prince (Carl/Superman)
We Got the Beat- The Go Gos. For atmosphere!


Annnd, on to Day 2! :smiley:

@HubCityQuestion - Aww, yes! WW 1984’s trailer is such an excellent blend of visuals and music - definitely perfect for this. Thank you for adding it, and being so on the ball, HCQ! The songs shared this week make me feel like we’re creating a recipe, and each of you know just what spice to add to the mix, and as for yours I like how that band’s name fits in well with our current circumstances in having to adapt to our own new order of being and daily existence. :thinking: It’s quite appropriate on a good many levels!

@capo-mage - Aww, you and I were on the same wavelength with Carl. “Under Pressure” was in my head, too, when thinking about him and how one of the first things he thought to write down for his assignment was the desire to do the right thing. :slight_smile: I’d not have thought of Aerosmith for Dina, but after listening to the song, I can see that. It brings to mind the scene where Rod confessed the plans for the future he saw with her, while “Beat on the Brat” is perfect for Tommy, both in sound and lyrics! :laughing: Katie’s songs match her well in both overall feeling, and oddly enough, music video, too (“Venus” has a woman dressed up like the devil in it, and has me thinking about what Katie reveals in Ep. 6, along with the conflict between good and evil she deals with for her decisions). “Changes” rounds things out in such a graceful way that I think the group would enjoy as an overall theme, for sure! Going outside of the 80s isn’t a big deal, by the way. With choices like that, who can complain? :smiley:

I didn’t know The Breakfast Club was your favorite movie, but considering our previous conversations on covers, that makes me want to ask what your thoughts would’ve been on my sharing the Pitch Perfect version of “Don’t You Forget About Me” - yay or nay for approval? :stuck_out_tongue: And thank you for your kind words! :heart:

@Razzzcat - Aw man, the combination of The Gap Band, The Go-Go’s, Tears for Fears, Run DMC, Prince, and Annie Lennox? Honestly, how can one go wrong with those beauties? Thank you for the added key! I was going to ask earlier if there any specific characters you wanted each on to apply to, or if they were all supposed to apply to the entire group. The latter would work, too, in my opinion, since I can see how each one could be related to them at different times. For example, “Everybody Wants to Rule The World,” makes me think of the night scene where they uncover the villains’ identities, while, say, “You Dropped a Bomb on Me,” is what comes to mind when thinking of Freddie/Carl’s face each time they kept revealing their hero identities. Or, to better fit your key, Sam, yes, after, upon each dice roll, finding out what would come of those dastardly plans he had in store against our heroes in Episode 6! :stuck_out_tongue: I adore your choices, and will be sure to add them to their respective characters in tomorrow’s list!

@BCDC - It looks like you had as much fun with this idea as I did, so I’m glad you were able to create your own playlist for it! More and more, I find myself wanting to do that for movies I watch, both old and new, so I completely understand. Have you created anymore for the other DC Originals? And as for that song, my goodness, listening to it has me head over heels for it all over again. :hushed: I like it best for Dina and Floyd, too, versus the option of the “I’m giving you back your promise ring” scene with Rod. Floyd’s genuine care for her, along with his being willing to fight for her, of course, really came through, and I agree, the lyrics for that song are perfect! I would’ve never been able to choose a better one than what you came up with. :slight_smile:

@Reaganfan78 - I’m sorry for the delay on your question - I had to wait to answer because, to be honest, I didn’t know yet, myself! After listening to everything, though, I think… past the usual Batman theme, which will always stand out on top, my favs ended up being Decent Into Mystery and Photos/Beautiful Dreamer. One reason being that they remind me of music from other movies - the first one reminds me of Harry Potter’s “Something Wicked This Way Comes,” while the second brings Edward Scissorhands’ scores to mind. :heart_eyes: What’s your favorite?

You liked An American Tail, too? It was such a good movie, wasn’t it? I loved it growing up, so I’m glad you added that song to the list! :smiley: Was that sweet-sounding choice for the full group, by the way? :slight_smile: Ooh, and The Phantom of the Opera’s one of those sources of inspiration that’s so well done you really can find a way to apply it to anything, isn’t it? Not much can accomplish that, and I think that’s what I like most about it, personally, along with it just being a tremendous joy to listen to on its own. :slight_smile: I like applying to Tommy/Batman, and find it well-suited to Xavier, too, because of how he alludes to wanting to bring his own personality to the character, not going the usual route of locking bad guys up, but going the extra mile to, well, in some cases, make sure they don’t come back at all, lol.

As for your most recent post… ahem: Again, shame, shame!
Clearly, someone’s lookin’ to earn themselves a bout of detention, I see! :wink:
Also, shame on me for not double checking the lock on my office door. :sob: Never again!

Aw man, it’s been so long since I saw anything related to Hulk Hogan. :hushed: I used to watch wrestling with my dad (well, and still occasionally do), so that’s a blast from the past, and then some! Thank you so much for the laugh and the great picks! And to your question… What am I gonna do? Probably ask if eating my veggies counts as eating my vitamins, cuz the latter’s out of stock in my house right now. And then hand him a new shirt to make sure he abides by my office’s rules/guidelines, because yes, even he must abide by those. :stuck_out_tongue:


Dispense them however you see fit. Dealers choice. I kept changing my mind on a couple anyway trying to separate the characters from the show…from necessary 80’s trax :wink:


All great choices. 80’s is my wheelhouse, but I love every genre. A lot of tunes I wanted to use were 79’. Like My Sharona by the Knack, Just missed it by 1 yr. Also wanted to use Cars by Gary Numan. Also 79’.

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@Razzzcat - You’re much too kind to me, friend. :wink:

@capo-mage - That’s the trouble I had, too. >,< Like I mentioned above, I realized quickly that knowing songs off the top of my head was different from knowing their release dates. Still, I appreciate your mentioning your runner ups. They’ll be getting a good listen to this afternoon! :slight_smile:

This week’s theme is a go, everyone, and you can find said thread… here! :stuck_out_tongue: