A DC Universe Streaming Interview by Clark Kent

A DC Universe Streaming service Interview
At the Daily Planet Clark Kent was called into Perry White’s office, “Kent I need you head down to DC Comic studio and find out what you can about the streaming service.” Clark smile and said he be glad to. As he was about to leave, he ran into Lois Lane, “Whoa Smallville, where are you off in such a hurry?!” She asked. Clark tells her that he’s off on assignment to DC Comic studio.
Minutes later Clark got to the front gate talking to a security guard, “I’m Clark Kent from the Daily Planet, I’m here to see Donna Troy about the streaming service.” And the Security guard directed him to her office.
As Clark reach her office, she let him in and the interview begins…
Clark: So What people can expect from DC Universe streaming service?
Donna: People can expect a lot of things like watching old TV Shows, Movies, They can also read Comic books, there’s over thousands to choose from, they can shop online and even interact with the other fans.
Clark: You said you show old shows, how about new shows?
Donna: Yes we have a new shows like Titans, and we brought back Young Justice for season 3, and Doom Patrol is coming on February 15. And we also have DC Daily that keep fans up to date news.
Clark: For Community board, tell me about it.
Donna: Fans can interact with other fans. Sometimes the Mods would do a TV or movies watch along.
Clark: So tell me about the Mods, who are they and What they do?
Donna: They are hard working people that keeps the board in check, as for who they are remains top secret, but they do make things fun for a fans!
Clark: Last question, how much does it cost to join?
Donna: $7.99 a month and $75.00 for a year.
Clark: Thankyou for the interview Ms. Troy
Donna: Sure at anytime!
As Clark was about to leave Donna has him if he would like a tour, and he said sure. After the tour was over he went back to the Daily Planet to publish his story.

The end.


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Huh. They’ve got Kent covering entertainment news now? Must be a slow day.