A DickBabs/Graybats Fanfiction- Young Justice Invasion Story

I always find myself making these short fanfics and thought I would post it. Let me know what you think!

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Gotham City, September 16th, 001:09 EST
Barbara’s POV
The waves crash on the Gotham side of the docks and a crisp autumn breeze blows over the murky water. My trademark hair blows along with my cape. I squint to get a better look through my bat-noculars. A smile spreads across my face, as I hear Dick hum through the coms. “How come you only do this to me?” I whisper playfully, hearing Nightwing laugh. “Because you know me, not Nightwing.” I nod, knowing he’s right. I’m one of the only people who knows Dick Grayson not just Nightwing.
Out of the corner of my eye, I see two of Penguin’s thugs hauling a crate off of a small ship. I make my way off of my spot and perch in the dark corner of a storage crate. The two thugs and the crate drive off in a medium sized white van, and I hop down on my bat-cycle to follow. Okay, I’ll admit it, Cobblepot is smart. He’s had his guys use back alleys and dark streets, changing directions at least twice already, but everybody knows they’re going back to the Ice Berge Lounge.
Or, that’s where I thought they were going. They change course down to the Warehouse District, and I follow closely behind. How have they not seen me yet? Not, that I want to be shot at or anything, but they would have to be blind not to notice the Bat trailing them. In front of a seemingly abandoned warehouse, they pull over and I park the bike into the shadows of a nearby alley. My cape rustles behind me as perch on the top of a crate inside the warehouse.
The two -apparently blind- thugs haul the crate to the center of the dark room, and a spotlight clicks on, startling the two thugs. “What the hell-” I’m cut off by shock, as a familiar tall, white-skinned, green haired man flamboyantly walks over to the crate. Joker?! Are you kidding me? The one time I have no backup, -Dick was called to a meeting with Bruce and Diana- I get to deal with the Joker.
He lifts a crowbar- why did it have to be a crowbar?- and pops the lid off of the crate. Inside is 100 or more steel capsules, I zoom in on my cowl lense and see the Ace Chemicals logo imprinted on all of the capsules. I thought they closed down a few years ago? I refocus my attention on the Joker when he emits his bone-chilling laugh. “Alright, boys tell Penngy I said thanks.” Joker cackles, waiting for the thugs to leave. After a few awkwardly silent seconds Joker loses his patients. “What! What do you need?!” He says annoyed, sticking his right hand behind his back.
“Well,…uh…… Mister Cobblepot wants to know what’s in them.” The particularly brave thug points to the crate. “Joker Venom 2.0.” The clown prince of crime answers the thugs, and just as they turn to leave he puts a bullet in each of their skulls. I gasp even though I knew this would happen. I’ve seen all I need to see tonight, and now I get to go explain it to Bruce, yay.

Bludhaven, September 16th, 04:02 EST
Dick’s POV
I went home. Babs is going to be pissed that I went home, but I’m so tired. She’ll understand, I hope. I loudly sigh rubbing my temples, trying to get my head to stop pounding. I was going to spend the night in Gotham, with Babs, but then Bruce and Diana called me to talk about the team, more specifically wanting to tell me the news about Ted that I have to break to the Team. Not like they’ll care, only a couple of us have ever met him.
I start to doze off when I hear my front door open. “Were you asleep?” Babs asks with a tinge of jealousy in her voice. I don’t need to open my eyes to know she’s coming over to sit with me. “No, just dozed off. Sorry, I know I said I would stay in Gotham-” She puts her finger to my lips, silencing me. “Bruce told me about Ted, I figured you went home.” I let out the breath I didn’t know I was holding. She knows me so well, she is my best friend.
Babs yawns leans on the arm of the couch. I know she’s probably exhausted, and I’m such a dick for coming home. She came all the way to Bludhaven to see me, and I could have just stayed at Wayne Manor. By the time I look back over she’s asleep laying on my blue pillow. I go into my bedroom and get her a blanket, and turn off the lights. I gently kiss her forehead, and she mumbles something in response. “Good night, Babs.” I whisper, and I know she heard because in her sleep she’s smiling.

Palo Alto, September 17th, 12:28 PST
“Dude, I’m so glad you can pass for twenty-one,” Wally whispers in my ear, the sent of beer in his breath. I laugh, knowing how much Wally hated us not being able to go out like ‘men’ do because I was too young. I feel so guilty. After we made the plan Wally’s been drinking more often, trying not to think about what’s going to happen in a few months.
“I heard about Ted, it sucks,” Wally says, with a hint of venom in his voice. “It makes you happy we’re screwing with the Light, right?” I reply with a sarcasm barely detectable. But clearly, Wally’s buzzed enough to miss it. “Amen.” He says looking at his beer bottle. I rip the bottle out of his hands and throw it in the trash. “What the hell, man?!” He says raising his voice. “I’m not letting you turn into Roy, Wal.” He nods, and I sit back down.
I know this is my fault. I know the reason he can’t face a day without a drink, is because of my plan, my stupid plan. I’m putting my friend’s lives on the line, for my stupid plan. As I said, I feel guilty. The kind of guilty that eats at you, day and night, the kind you can’t get away from.
“Dude, what’s up with you?” He asks, sobering up a little. “Girl troubles?” Wally laughs and so do I. Ever since I dated Zee, he’s always joked that attracting girls was my superpower. “Like you’d ever have girl trouble.” He replies to himself. “How’s Arty doing?” I ask, trying to shift the conversation away from me. “She’s good, I guess.” We sit in uncomfortable silence for a couple of minutes, and I decide I should leave. “Bye, Wal.” He waves his hand and mumbles something that sounds like ‘goodbye Rob’.

Mount Justice, September 17th, 14:37 EST
Barbara’s POV
“Batgirl B16.”
The computer announces me, as I leave the zeta tube entrance. “Nightwing?” Sure enough, Dick’s working on the hollow computers near the Cave’s entrance. “I thought you were visiting Wally?” He looks up, surprised to see me. I don’t know what I’m more pissed at, him being here or that stupid look. He bumped training with me till three-thirty because he was going to see Wally, and know he’s looking at me like he doesn’t know what the hell I’m talking about.
“Huh?” He asks turning off the computer before I can see what he’s doing. “Don’t ‘huh?’ me, Boy Wonder!” I say, moving closer to him. “Well, what’s your excuse?” “I, uh…. Uh……” I push him out of my way and walk right past him, what a dick.
I honestly think I might break the bag I’m beating the shit out of. I look up at the clock, and it confirms that it’s three twenty-five, and now I want to punch Dick’s stupid face. Speak of the devil, the black-haired sunglass wearing dope just walked into the gym. He walks over to me and I continue to punch the bag. “Hey, Babs.” I ignore the bimbo, and he attempts to put his hand on my shoulder. “Babs, what’s wrong-” I didn’t try, I swear, but in the blink of an eye, my fist collides with his stomach at full force.
Dick curls over, because I knocked the wind out of him. “What the hell, Babs?!” He screams, anger and concern in his eyes. “What did I do?” He asks. “Oh, I dunno. What about lying about going to see Wally, and bumping our training so you could be here, working.” I reply venom dripping from my voice.
“I just got here, Babs.” He says in all seriousness. Why is he lying? I just saw him in the Cave by the zeta tubes, working on the computer. “Don’t lie to me.” I can’t stand it when he lies to the Team, but he never lies to me. “I swear, Babs. I wouldn’t lie to you.” He pulls up the zeta log on his phone, and it confirms he’s not lying. “But, I saw you when I came in…” I start to get a bad feeling in my gut, and I’m a Gordon, my gut is never wrong.
I grab his phone from his hand and pull up the security footage from when I came in. “If that’s not you,” We both lock eyes, one of the times or brains are perfectly in sync, “Clayface!” I grab my belt, and Dick grabs his escrima sticks, and we head in different directions to look for the slimy criminal. Dick calls a lockdown, and the computer locks down the entire cave. I head to the bedrooms and find them all empty, thank god. Clayface can only imitate me or Dick, which is plenty.

Dick’s POV
Babs and I have been looking for nearly an hour and neither of us has found him, yet. “Batgirl. Status Check.” Static replies to me on the other end and I turn on my holo-computer to track her signal. Damn, I really wish I’d kept my training clothes on. But I figured I should get in my suit to have the tech advantage.
I follow her signal to the garage and hear the sounds of things falling, and a fight. I do have to admit, I feel bad for Clayface. The way she was hitting that bag, she might knock him out cold within seconds. I run into the large room filled with the Team’s bikes, and the Bioship and my mouth drop into an O. In front of me are two Batgirls, both at each other’s throats.
“Nightwing! Take out Clayface!” One yells, and I raise the electric micro-bomb we infused with enough electricity to stun Clayface. I hesitate before throwing it because the amount of electricity is dangerous to a normal human. “Throw it at her!” The one yells, as the other spins the one that just spoke around and holds a Batarang to her throat.
“Nightwing!” The one being held hisses, and I look her in the eyes. “Cei mai buni prieteni.” Best Friends, the only two words I’ve ever taught her in Romainian, that’s Babs. I throw the micro-bomb, at the one Batgirl and they morph back into Clayface. Barbara’s muscles relax as the Batarang disappears along with the mirror version of her. We both look over and see the bike Conner was fixing trashed. “He’s going to kill us,” Babs says wrapping her arms around my waist, and she moves closer until I feel her entire body against mine. I can’t help myself, and I kiss her until she begins kissing back.

Gotham City, September 20th, 20:27
Barbara’s POV
My dad grabs my arm as I get out of the car, with a smile planted underneath his bushy mustache. We walk into the Mayor’s mansion together, for the annual Police Gala, like we do every year. Ever since I was six years old, I’ve been his date and he’s been mine. Before Dick came to Gotham, I hated these things more than anything, but dad would make it fun by telling me jokes and secrets about the crowd.
In the center, with the biggest crowd of attention(to nobody’s surprise) is Bruce, and next to him is Dick who is clearly looking for an excuse to leave the crowd. Okay, Dick is just as good as Bruce playing the billionaire, but I can see in those beautiful blue eyes that he is waiting for me, his excuse.
“Jim! Great to see you!” Bruce booms, inviting both of us over to his crowd. As Bruce strikes a conversation with my dad, Dick and I sneak out of the crowd. Dick grabs us both a champagne as we head out onto a terrace. Dick whispers something in my ear about the Mayor, and I laugh before sipping my drink.
I feel Dick breath on my neck and lean my head back onto his chest. I yawn, tired from our mission yesterday. “You work me like a dog, Grayson.” I say as I look into his deep blue eyes. Dick laughs and lets out a sigh before wrapping his arm around my waste. “Not on purpose.” He says in the flirty tone he’s used on so many girls, but to me, it comes naturally not forced. That’s what we do, we flirt, we play, we kiss, but until he’s ready for me, best friends are what we’ll be.