A Eulogy for the Batman: A. Pennyworth

A Eulogy for the Batman
By Robb Goodell
Of all the luxuries Bruce Wayne could afford, the only one money could not afford him was to feel. He had made that mistake once - of feeling - and he watched his love and the object thereof devoured by flames. “Never again,” he said to himself. The debt was too insurmountable.
But the Bat - the Bat could feel. There was a rage within the cowl; an unquenchable anger, and a fear - a fear of how far that anger could take him. He was drowning in it. Batman existed for one thing and one thing only: to exact the vengeance that was due a little boy who was forced to stand helplessly and watch his parents die.
Vengeance, mind you - not justice. Vengeance and justice are cousins; related, but not the same. “‘Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord,’ Young Bruce,” I would say. “But where is the justice in that, Alfred?” he would retort. “When the world is filled with vengeance, Master Wayne, it leaves little room for justice.” My words often rang hollow in the empty heart of a man who never had the chance to be a boy and a boy who grew up to be monster of himself - the creation of which, I am ashamed to say, I am complicit.
It was my sworn duty to protect him, but how do you protect a man from himself? Bruce Wayne died, tragically, alongside his parents in a cold, wet alleyway. How do you comfort a dead child and protect him from Hell’s demons? Nevertheless less - that was my duty, and for all that I had tried, I failed. And now…now I stand here to read the eulogy of a man I barely recognize, but who’s soul I loved and tragically mourn.
Bruce, I am sorry. I let the vengeance consume you. I only hope that where you are now that you have found your peace. God be with you.
-A. Pennyworth


I absolutely love this.
I feel like I was transported to the late afternoon of a soggy, wet August evening - listening to the near monotone notes of grief humming behind each word as Alfred spoke them.
He’s looking down at a damp piece of paper, its words running from sorrow down the page…

Aw… My heart is heavy now. :pensive:

Very well-written and great mood-work.

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Thanks, Kitty!


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