A Justice League Movie Poll

In an alternate universe, WB just let George Miller make his Justice League movie back in 2009 and spun a cinematic universe out of THAT.


Ok, let’s drop the idea of work prints of Justice League Part One and rough cuts of a Snyder revamped Justice League.

Let’s look at this thing another way.

Zack Snyder is the director of record of the film. He leaves the production in May for personal reasons. But the final cut of Justice League was done quite close to the release date-- there’s no reason he couldn’t have prepared a cut of the film-- using all available footage–in late October-- that HE thought worked best.

Let me repeat that sentence fragment-- using all available footage.

This would not be an early work print, and it would not be the mythological 'Snyder Cut"–

It would be a cut of all footage by Snyder and Whedon edited together by the original director-- it would be a Zack Snyder Cut, and, in fact, a director’s cut,

Would you still want to see it?

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  • No

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If we’re talking about something like the Richard Donner Cut, then yes. Donner “used all available footage” from the theatrical cut of Superman II to fill in the gaps of his cut as necessary. If you mean that he has to make an extended (rather than alternate) version of Joss Whedon’s film, then I’d be less enthused. Honestly, though, even that wouldn’t be so bad if they released the rest of the material as deleted scenes on the disc.


There is no Joss Whedon film. 25% reshoots don’t even allow for the concept-- truthfully, a Whedon cut would be an editor’s cut at best, and a weird script doctor/uncredited producer’s cut at-- well, there’s no words for that. The Justice league movie-- which I don’t hate-- is a house editor’s cut ordered by a high level Warner’s exec. Any cut by Whedon, or the favorite in these discussions, Snyder-- would have the one thing the JL movie really lacks-- artistic intent, just a little focus.

The only LIKELY way for a new cut to appear is if someone-- Snyder (or Whedon) makes a Warner Bros movie that grosses over 700 million US and a couple of billion world wide-- thus making Snyder’s name a brand big enough for the project. And right now, as branding goes, Snyder and Whedon are at all time lows.


Yeah, I voted no, I wouldn’t want to see that. Whedon’s content would just detract from it, e.g., I desperately want to see the original, undoubtedly emotional, scene of Clark & Lois standing in the Kent farm field discussing her engagement ring (we got to see a glimpse of this in the trailer). But it’d be ruined if it was spliced with Whedon’s comedy, with weird CGI-faced Superman joking that death feels “itchy”


The JL film that was released only had something like 10% of Snyders film in it though. Can’t remember where I saw that quote but if so that would make it pretty much Whedons version.


That was one thing I’ve never understood-- Justice League should have been in first position on Henry Cavil’s schedule-- what does Paramount put it those Mission: Impossible contracts, anyway?

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There are a thousand contrary quotes, here-- I saw the one that said 10% of Snyder’s film is all that’s in the finished product, and I saw it again 3 lines beneath Joss Whedon only reshot 25% of the film. A lot of what we have here is our old friend-- enemyperception– Warner Bros execs and others are rumored to have hated Snyder’s original workprint-- so Snyder was reworking it-- the contriteness of this discussion begins parsecs before it gets to the fans.


Henry grew his mustache and was busy at work on Mission Impossible because, clearly, he thought he was done shooting Justice League. He had no reason to think they’d call him back for Whedon’s reshoots. WB/Whedon imposed those reshoots on him and on everyone, forcing them to come back when they thought it was already over, so of course there’d be schedule conflicts.

Yeah but wasn’t the 10% quote by someone who actually worked on the film? If not than yeah thats not the best source but If it was by someone who worked on the film I feel thats a pretty decent one.

The 10% number can’t be literally true because Jossy the Punchline Slayer would then have to receive directorial credit, lest WB have to face the wrath of the Guild. It’s more likely that only a small section of the movie is unaltered/unaugmented Snyder goodness.


oh ok, that makes sense.

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It was Fabian Wagner, Justice League’s cinematographer:

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What Zack Snyder movies do you recommend?

Original footage-- before Warner’s asked Zach for changes. Zach’s changes are still in the movie. His passion is what got cut away by an editor making a 200 million dollar TV movie.

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You know, that’s a good question. I really, really can’t stand 300. I have mixed (leaning toward negative) feelings on Man of Steel. I think Watchmen is okay, but Snyder just can’t seem to resist spoiling all of the good drama scenes with over-the-top action sequences that kinda miss the point of the story. That’s pretty much my complaint with Batman v Superman, too, though I think it gets away a little more unscathed since it’s largely an original story.

That said, I’ve hated Joss Whedon’s guts since the 90s (see Alien Resurrection to know why), so I’m probably just very biased in the other direction. :stuck_out_tongue:


Most of what I see in Alien Resurrection is Winona Ryder. But I have seen the script, and if you don’t like the movie, blame the director.

But I actually like Jeunet’s other work. :stuck_out_tongue:

Whedon also gave us the “toad struck by lightning” line from X-Men, so I hold by my bias. :grin:


Yes, paying people to do work for you is an explicit use of force.

If your employer calls you into work additional hours when you thought you were done with your project, yeah, you’re getting paid, but yes, they are indeed forcing you to work, so to speak.