A little history about my love for comics.

I was not into comics as a kid. I knew of them, and watched some of the cartoons and movies, but for some reason I just didn’t read them. It wasnt until Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man that I started checking out Spider-Man comics, which led to Avengers and all kinds of Marvel comics. As for Batman, I never cared for him as a kid. He seemed boring. I just thought of him as a rich guy who just used his money to buy gadgets to beat the bad guys. The only Batman movies at the time were the Tim Burton and Joel Shumacher films, so you can see where I got that idea. Batman was a terrible fighter in all of those movies. It wasn’t until Batman Begins came out that I finally got it. I understood what Batman was all about, what drives him, how he’s bot just a collection of gadgets, but an actual ninja that uses tools to keep ahead of the bad guys. I started buying Batman graphic novels and Batman has been my favorite character ever since. And that’s how I discovered my love of comics. That was after I graduated high school. I passed my entire childhood without reading comics, and now I needed to make up for that lost time. I could not get enough comics. I was buying graphic novels and trade paperbacks and hardcovers and two Absolute editions. I had a membership at my local comic shop. But comics are expensive and I didn’t have much money. So I started to pirate comics. I would read EVERYTHING. Seriously, it was like 50 comics a week. Marvel, DC, Wildstorm, Image, everything by Alan Moore, the entire Bendis/Maleev run of Daredevil, the Geoff Johns run of Green Lantern. I would sit at my pc for hours reading the dang things. I did not know how I was keeping so many stories running in my head at once. I was there when Flashpoint happened, and when New 52 was born I read all 52 number 1s.

Then came the time when I moved and couldn’t keep up with comics anymore because of life, a lack of time and money and the nearest town that might have a comic shop was 90 minutes away. That was when Batman got in his mech suit to start kicking Talon ass. Also Avengers Vs X-Men was happening. But even though I couldn’t read comics anymore, I was still obsessed with them. I would read news and reviews of them when I could. I got the idea of what was happening without getting to experience it for myself. Now, I’ve moved again, having not read a comic in like 5 years, I’m still just as in love with them. But now I live closer to a comic shop and I feel like I can afford to buy comics now. I don’t pirate anymore, I grew a conscience, as well as the common sense to understand that if I want there to be comics to read, people have to pay for them to exist.

I have a wife and two kids now. My son is 4 and can recognize and gets excited by Batman and Spider-Man. My daughter is 16 months, so she’s not quite there yet. I can’t get my wife to read comics, but she likes watching all the comic book movies and tv shows with me. My son loves Teen Titans and Batman The Animated Series. Hopefully I can get my babies reading comics eventually.

That’s why I paid for the yearly subscription for this service. I am loving the movies and tv shows, but it’s the comics that got me to subscribe. The sheer amount of comics, more than 20k, for what amounts to less than 7 dollars a month? Insanity! I was hyperventilating just looking at the selection. I didn’t even know where to begin.

I fell out of comics in the middle of the New 52 era, so now I’m way behind. So far I’ve read the entire run of the New 52 Batman by Snyder and Capullo, and Forever Evil. I’m planning on reading Dark Knights: Metal next. This is the stuff that I heard about and was sad to miss out on while it was happening. It all looked so awesome! I have an ocean of comics to dive into and so far I’ve almost exclusively been in the Batman section, of the ocean. Oceans have sections right? Anyway, I want to branch out, but with so many options, I don’t know where to begin.

Any suggestions?

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