A Quick Note About Archived Release Delays

Hi everyone! We’ve seen a lot of comments about the temporary hiatus of the archived issues, and I wanted to share a note to let everyone know that while archived releases are temporarily on pause, you can expect them to return in the near future! Please keep your eye out for updates here in our Watchtower section. We’re hoping for an update by end of January 2021.

In the meantime, be sure to keep sharing with us what treasures from DC’s archives you want to see over in our Print-To-Digital Request topic!


Hello, I’m interested in, DMZ. Apparently HBOMAX has a limited series to be released based on that DC Comic. I believe it’s a Black Label book, thanks

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Grant Morrison’s Animal Man back on here would be cool.


Thank you so much for the update @Applejack ! It is comforting :grinning:

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Thanks for the update. So are they not doing archival releases on Comixology and the like either? I an not finding them there but might just not be seeing them.

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Can we get the, Mad Max: Fury Road, comic books! I can watch that movie over-and-over. It would be cool to have those books here that expand the universe.

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Correct - also missing on Comixology these past few weeks


Thank you for the requests, this is good to know they’re in demand! Especially with the DMZ series, as you said :slight_smile: I would also love to see the Fury Road comics on here! We’ll be starting a new topic in the Suggestion Box for these sort of requests, so please stay tuned :flexmentallo_dp:


Thanks for the update, I second Morrison’s Animal Man.


Thanks for keeping us posted.
Did not know they weren’t appearing on ComiXology either.

Looking forward to their return.

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While we’re waiting for the older digitized aka “archived” DC Comics to start appearing weekly again, with the lack of any 1960s Metal Men on the site, I texted my son about an hour ago to consider picking me up Metal Men hardcover Archives v1 at a local store I knew had a single copy, cover price ($49.95) for Christmas.

When he didn’t respond for over an hour, I got a little concerned …but then I received this text: