a show about magic users and mystical things (same universe as YJ)

it should be in the same universe as young justice. It should be an animated series and call it dark justice or something :joy:

And feature the likes of

Doctor fate
Klarion the which boy


I’d watch basically any spinoff set in the YJ universe, so I’m in.

Controversial thought: Make Traci 13 the main character.


@hub yea I forgot about traci😅 but that would be cool

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I’d like to see a mystic heroes spin-off of YJ. With Zatanna as team leader but Dr. Fate as the “Den Mother”, but it’s real Zatanna best by the “Den Mother” for Dr. Fate. Imagine the struggles between Zatanna, Zatara and Nabu.


Yes please, yes please! maybe some Captain Marvel too? I’ve been missing Young Justice Billy Batson

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Zatanna for me is one of my all time favorites
And if the artwork stayed the the same I would watch it

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Gawd yes. I wanted to see them 1000% more than we saw them in Season 3.

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