A small suggestion

I like what DC did by adding a thing to show the jumping off points for all the new comics, but i also suggest they bring back the Get to know X things. Those were dope, and with a slew of new comics, and a solid amount of new shows and movies since the service’s launching, I think they should go for going back to the weekly or ever two weeks, update of the things and base it around a theme. For instance, one week is Batman, so you have get to know Batman, Joker, Dick Grayson, Mr. Freeze etc. and you add movies, episodes and issues with them in it. I just liked those and though they should be added back since they’re good for both new subscribers and fans,and people who want to see all of their favorite things from a character in one place. One other small thing is letting people share their lists, and maybe make it so others can edit it. I know this can’t all be done at once, but it is just a suggestion for some things to keep people engaged in the future.