Action Comics (1938-) #775

Action Comics (1938-) #775

How do I read the comics? they won’t download, is that how u read them?

This is such a good comic. This is a must-read Superman book. This is what it means to be Superman. The man of Tomorrow , the hero that doesn’t kill. He will never bend a knee to the values of killers.


Aka Superman vs The Elite

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Yes, there is a button to download.

Standing ovation “Yaaaaaayyyyy, Supes!!!”


there’s a “read issue” button. if you haven’t seen it yet that’s how you read comics. or just click on the image of the first page, should get you started.

This is one of the few superman comics that is such a raw compression of what’s at the heart of the character. His no-kill rule is such an integral part of him that today’s generation seems to care about less and less about, yet is still greatly needed.