Adaptive Quality Instead of Selective, why?

Basically what I’m getting at is I’m a rural internet customer. It seems like DCU’s quality of adaptive service is nowhere near on par with Amazon or Netflix where i can usually get 720p off two devices on the network no problem and 1080p if there’s only one person watching. Youtube TV and many other services allow you to select your quality because of how inconsistent internet speeds can get. This problem with DCU is made exponentially worse as the video does not continue to download once you’ve paused it, something many other services do to help people on slower connections. It’s a shame but i’m probably not going to continue my sub after this mo

This could easily be solved if i could just select the resolution i want instead of the video constantly popping in and out of 1080 and 720 resolutions and pausing when it does it. It’s unfortunate because this is the only place i can find some of the content i was looking for.

On top of all this the comic selection is confusing as can be and while i really like the frame by frame the webviewer seems to have a number of issues in firefox.