All-Star Superman (2010-) #1

All-Star Superman (2010-) #1

This is a really cool way to read the classic story! I cant wait to share this with my kids!

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My first comic to read on DCU. I’m really looking forward to the Apple TV app. I mirrored my phone, and it did pretty well. Great stuff so far.

Great start to one of the best Superman stories ever written.

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I didn’t get into reading comics until my Junior year of high school, though I was a long time Superman fan from the movies and the animated series. This was the first comic i ever read and wow it was great and still one of my favorite stories!

Ok why don’t they release it all instead of just the first issue? literally so many streaming services do this. they’ll release one but not the rest its so annoying…


Seriously DC? Yeah just make me pay for the next issues. Marvel has you guys so beat on the digital comic side. And don’t think I will buy this comic series from you to finish the story. I can just get them online for free since you want to make it hard to get full stories.

How about you do what Marvel is doing.


3 days ago they had all 12 issues so I immediately put it on my list to read. Now, I come back and they only have the first? I knew you guys wouldn’t have everything but you can’t trick us like that!


Where are the other issues???


Probably one of the best Superman stories ever written. They did a decent job with the animated version as well. I am SORELY disappointed in DC for having neither the animated film nor the rest of this series to read. What the heck you guys?


I just read this and I want more!


Where’s the rest?!??!!!


Love this series. Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly are at the top of their game. Two legends working on the ultimate super hero is dream come true. Every time I reread this I find something knew. Really hope they make a part where the Zimbarro. Please DC please :pray:

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issue! Was a great series. Kind of felt like what Supernan comics might have been had they not rebooted him after Crisis. Was a great read from start to finish.