Am I the only one liking Heroes in Crisis?

You are not alone, I think people are just pissed of about the deaths and not resale about the story itself. I was upset about Wally and Roy but the series has been solid so far.

I’m enjoying it. Curious to see where Tom king is going with this story.

HQ getting the upper hand on the Trinity really did make me consider dropping the title. But, figured I may as well see it through. It’s okay so far. I mean, they killed a few somebodies and a bunch of nobodies and are kinda making it a thin plot stretched even thinner.

I love HQ. awesome character. But no way she can topple Wonder Women and Bats

I’m on the fence after the last issue. Everyone felt a little out of character last issue. Haley getting one up on the Trinity … Batman no less??

I don’t hate it but I feel that its really lackluster as a mainline event. Aside from the odd mention in an issue of Titans and one tie-in funeral issue of Green Arrow there’s been absolutely zero impact on anything else. You even have Harley and Flash going on like nothing happened in their own books when they should be majorly impacted. I feel like for all the effect this book is having they should have just gone Black Label with it.

Hard to say since there’s only been two issues but I think it will get better as more issues come. Feels like every issue is leading up to something.

Flash will get a bit more involved in a way. In the latest DC Previews, there’s a solicit for a four issue HIC tie-in involving Batman and The Flash. Two issues per title.


After two issues, I hooked. The phenomenal artwork is a really big draw for me, it can overcome a bad story for me. But I’m good with the writing so far too.

Issue 2 was a lot better than issue 1. Good or bad I will stick with it to the end.

Yes. You are the one to like it. Meaningless deaths, awful characterization.

Having re-read issue 2 I think they’re definitely onto something with it even if the way its paced with every other book in the line is a bit annoying. What I really hope is that it doesn’t turn into Identity Crisis redux or more reheated leftovers from Watchmen.

I’m willing to give King the benefit of the doubt for now and let the story play out. He’s been great with everything else I’ve read. I’m really hoping that it’s not what it seems with Wally because that’s a real kick in the junk in terms of his Rebirth return and how well he was used by Williamson in The Flash if it’s legit.

I think Heroes in Crisis will be a story where things aren’t necessarily what they appear to be. Dead characters may not actually be dead (the rumored Psycho Pirate influence and so on), characters act differently (Harley in some ways), etc.


While I think the plot will certainly wind up to be a lot less straightforward than it appears I also think that people did actually die. If not its really hard to explain the mentions that have been made of it in a few other books otherwise…though it is strange that everyone seems to be mourning Roy and no one has mentioned Wally.

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I’ve only read the first issue, so I’ll withhold judgment until I get farther into the series. I get my comics delivered once a month from Westfield Comics in Wisconsin, so I’m likely behind where everyone else on the message board.

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What if when Ivy died, her soul got transferred to her plants like with Swamp Thing?

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And then every plant Harley sees decides it wants to stroke her lol

Just saw a spoiler on issue #3.

It has to be a joke right. #%@$ Tom King!!!

Let’s not spoil anything here. :slight_smile:

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