Amber Heard as Mera-- Should WB keep her or recast Mera or cut the character altogether in Aquaman 2?

But does WB have the right to cut ties with her simply because they don’t want her associated with their brand? (Convicted or not) Is that reasonable? Should that be legal?

If she is not proven guilty and charge on this, WB will probably let this topic die out of it own, we are almost 3 years away from the release, people will most likely forgot about it by then.

I mean it should be legal to be able to fire someone you’ve hired to do a job that in your eyes has failed to do it or sullied it. Doesn’t mean they should do it. Like waffle house says they don’t want to hire anyone with any criminal convictions (trying to improve their “image”) I was a manager at a waffle house - refusing to hire anyone with even a misdemeanor over time may help their employee image somewhat but it also hinders so many potential employees some good some bad but nonetheless employees either way and when you need em you need em. It’s foolhardy to fire left and right and whenever you fire someone you’re putting that person out and making yourself look bad in my opinion…while in her case it may look bad either way…in 20 years people watching the movie probably won’t know or care at all

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True, but 20 years from now it will not be generating the majority of its revenue.

Also, if you have 15 applicants all as equally qualified does nixing the one with the record really matter.

Hollywood often casts on “the look” as the final yardstick. Someone can be a better actor, if even just by a bit, but somebody else is cast because they are an inch taller, their nose is a “prettier shape”, the have better facial symmetry, or (in the casting director’s eyes at least) they look better together with the lead they will be playing off of.

Often the actual better actor may not get the part because somebody else has more of “the look” they want. (And “the look” is highly subjective.)

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Yup just toss out Amber Heard and get Emila Clark AS NEW MERA,

EMILA CLARK AND JASON MOMMA already got that chemistry from game of thrones

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I’d rather they keep as many actors as possible. We’re already looking at batfleck and jarod Leto gone and recast