America vs. The Justice Society (1985-) #1

America vs. The Justice Society (1985-) #1

One of my favorite stories. Read Adventure comics #462 for a little context on this story


First time I’ve read this story. I have some knowledge of DC from before Crisis on Infinite Worlds, but this felt like a good refresher.


Really interesting read, almost felt like an elseworlds story to me since I haven’t read any earth-2 stuff before

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Poorly paced and edited.

Earth 2 was like Roy’s personal play ground back in the day


@arkyramone.15203 it truly was. I don’t deny Johns JSA run is what brought the Justice Society to the heights they are at now (as big or bigger then during the Golden Age). But Roy Thomas really did lay a LOT of that groundwork. I don’t think JSA would have become what it was, if it existed at all if Roy Thomas had not brought the characters into the attention of moden age fans as something besides annual guest stars in Justice League of America.