Animated Movies

I noticed that at least 3 animated movies that I like are not in the service. Batman Bad Blood, Superman/Batman Public Enemies and Superman/Batman Apocalypse, why ?

Bad blood is on Netflix. The other 2 I’m not sure about. I would like to see them on here.

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Hi @mrnegron! Not all content is available to DC Universe at the moment due to licensing agreements with other vendors. While I cannot provide information about specific titles, I recommend keeping an eye on the Watchtower to see what titles are being added to the service. :slight_smile:


They’ll probably all be on in time. Between all the options on here I haven’t got enough of the movies/shows, comics, boards etc. that are on here now. They can’t put literally everything DC on here all at once. Enjoy the paradise they’ve created & bask in what is on here. Plus Titans & Stargirl & so on & so on are coming. Bask my friend.

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