another watch along

I’m not a fangirl :slight_smile:

I know that

But, I have noticed quite a few in the community.

Hitting play now


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Did they say Jinx? Because she hexes?

Mammoth looks like Sabertooth.

Slade not deathstroke

Love the music!!

Teen Titans

Clearly made for kids.

That the same voice from teen Titans go

I’ve never really seen Go. My nephew tried to show me an episode and it was too annoying. I just couldn’t go on :slight_smile:

I had to sit through it sounds like same voices

If this is what SX is like in Go, I see why people don’t like her in the live action show.


Hive where is darhk

This episode is fairly similar to the 1980s comics. That started with Slade, HIVE and The Fearsome Five…or whatever they were called

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I do like the action

Arrowverse ruined Darhk for me. One season would have been great. But three???