Any good super-pet comics?

Any good super-pet comics?


Super Sons annual #1 has a good pet story


Dex-Star is rolling with Jessica Cruz these days.


It’s not on DC Universe but there is a great story in Astro City 47-48 about super-pets.


Astro City was amazing.

Not a DC comic but an amazing story.

  • Garth Ennis — the creator of Preacher and Crossed — delivers a story like no other, as an unlikely band of canines set out to survive in a world gone horribly mad. When a worldwide plague wipes out humanity, what happens to man’s best friend? Charlie was a helper dog and he was good at it. Now he and his friends Rover and Red must escape the bloody city and find their way in this strange, master-less new world.
  • Rover Red Charlie Volume 1 collects issues #1-6 of the comic book series.

We3, a three issue Vertigo mini by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely, is pretty darn good.

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