Any One Think Were Gonna Be Able to Enjoy Wonder Woman in Theaters

Hi everyone I missed Harley quinn in Theaters much to my disappointment. Because of the shut down yeah. I saw it later on the tv but It’s just not the same I really wanna see Wonder Woman. anyone thank it will make it to theaters?

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I wont be attending any films until we have a vaccine in mass population. No way people will keep mask on in theatre because they are “eating” popcorn for the entire 2 hrs. Pass



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As excited as I am about this movie, if WB insists on releasing it in the fall I won’t be seeing it in theatres. The same goes for Tenet and Dune, which are also movies I was really looking forward to in 2020.


My family planning on going if the theater doesn’t get shut down again will see what happens beetween now an then

I am really, really looking forward to this movie, but very doubtful I will see it in a theater if it is released this year.

I used to go to see movies in theaters rarely, but I have no problem watching them at home. I prefer to avoid other people IRL. Do I think WW will make it to theaters? I’m not sure if that’s going to happen, but WB certainly seems to think so. I’ve always been interested in getting to stream currently-playing films at home. If it comes out on HBO Max I won’t be mad at that.

I think it depends on how well Mulan does on Disney+
If Mulan does great, or even good, we are gonna see WW84 in our living rooms.
Which I am kinda okay with… after all the delays I just want to see it.
I also wish WB would have had enough faith in Diana that she could have held her own in December of 2019. She would have done great, probably amazing at that time. But no, WB got nervous… how could WW hold her own against Star Wars? Well, guess what? Star Wars didn’t do so hot, Diana could have done much better.

Oh well. Just the latest page in DC and WB underestimating her

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It all depends on how Tenet does.

100% this. I’ll be sad to miss it in theatres, but not so sad I’d risk catching Covid.

People who don’t want to wear a mask already pulled this trick when Disney first reopened. They require a mask, but not if you’re eating or drinking. So they’ll get a large popcorn and go maskless for the entire movie. Pass.

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Agreed. I really want to watch it but not in this current environment

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Right now I think it is hard to say if it will make it to theatres or not. Even if it does make it to theatres soon, I won’t be seeing it. I don’t plan on going to the theatre until there is a vaccine, no matter how much I want to see a movie.

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Drive-in theatre’s is all I will be interested in for a year or two.

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There’s a theatre five minutes from me that set up an outdoor screen for drive in and they’ll be showing WW that way. Definitely going.


it also depends on where you live, how bad things are there but most likely it will lean more towards watching in our leaving rooms as much as I hate to admit it

I’ll go see it wherever and whenever it releases. I’m tired of waiting and I wanna watch WW!


I see that many AMC theaters around the country are reopening with limited capacity so yes, I believe we will be able to see Wonder Woman 84 in theaters and I cant wait!!!


If Warners tries releasing it this year, it will hurt its box office numbers badly.

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I really don’t believe that many people are worried about this flu as the media would have you believe. Just judging from all the people I see out at various restaurants and stores.

This 'flu thats killed more people in a few months than the actual flu does in a year?

180,000 funerals and climbing.

It will bomb if they don’t delay it.