Any One Think Were Gonna Be Able to Enjoy Wonder Woman in Theaters

I travel for work, coast to coast and in between, people are putting on their masks and going about their business. If it wasn’t for the mask wearing, one wouldn’t even realize anything was going on.

Again- thousands of families who have buried loved ones would disagree.

Looks like they’re pushing it back to December to give Tenet “room to breathe” (time to actually make any money).

Ah man I wanna see it now

Tenet made 20 million in its opening weekend. I love Chris Nolan films and would love to see this…but not in theatres right now.

Seeing Wonder Woman 1984 on Christmas Day (its new release day) sounds awesome… if we weren’t in an ongoing pandemic.

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I really wish they’d just kept the original release date of December 13, 2019.

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If the drive in near me is open on Christmas Day I will certainly go. Honestly, though I think it would benefit them to release it on HBO Max. That is the only movie I would pay an extra 30$ for. Its ad campaign has run its course, time to release it!

Warners seems determined to open it in theaters. I think they will just keep pushing it back!

If they don’t, I’m not gonna be able to see it till it hits Blue Ray/DVD.