Anybody else a little worn down from Harley Quinn?

First off, I want to clarify that I really enjoy the character. She’s fun and zany, and a great feature of DC.

I can’t help but get the feeling that lately, she’s been a little overdone. Ever since Suicide Squad came out in 2016, I feel like DC has been pushing her harder than they have to, and it’s been a little fatiguing. I love the Harley Quinn animated series that’s currently running, but having that plus her featured in the Birds of Prey movie, plus all the general marketing around the character, it’s making me feel like they’re pushing it a bit.

And it’s weird, because I can’t get enough of characters like Batman, but I think Harley Quinn, like Deadpool, is better in the smaller, more concise doses. Otherwise audiences could get tired of her schtick real quick. It’s probably one of the reasons BOP is suffering at the box office right now, but that’s for another discussion.

Anyways, just wondering if I’m the only one feeling this.


If the content wasn’t as good I’d probably be feeling at least a little tired of her. But considering how much I loved Birds of Prey and have been loving the animated series, I say bring on more Harley


Yeah, I get what you mean. I’ve been pretty fatigued of the character for a while now, the shtick just got old really quick for me. I’d say the last time I really enjoyed having Harley in a piece of media was the Arkham game series, after that it was all downhill for me. It also didn’t help that I didn’t care for Margot Robbie’s take on the character in Suicide Squad, so I suppose that really put the last nail in the coffin for me.


Oh totally. Right after the show’s season ends, I’m taking a fat break from her. This little Harley Quinn era was fun but I need a break and I think she does too.


I think what does it in for me the most is that I’m ready to see more from other characters. Like, this was originally a B-tier villain that’s been given a lot of time in the limelight, and I’d be stoked to see another one get the same love. But it totally makes sense why people still dig her.


Exactly. You don’t wanna overdo it, because then she gets overexposed. This happens with any character I think. A funny example I see is that Superman is kind of having the reverse effect right now. Yeah he’s around in animation and comics, but he’s been background in movies and TV for a while now. People are stoked for the new CW Superman show and want Henry Cavill to make another Superman movie ASAP because he’s been gone for a hot minute.


Was the accent what made it a problem for you? I know it rubbed my brother the wrong way.

Yes, I am those people.

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That and everything else about that version of Harley. It was so over the top that it felt awkward and forced to me.

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I get what you are saying. It is the reason I had to step back from CW’s Flash for a while.
I started seeing plot twists ahead of time and enjoying the character less. I love the Flash, but I was becoming desensitized to him.
I plan to go back when season 7 starts.

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That’s probably for the best too honestly. You’ll be able to binge whatever you missed really easily before 7 starts. Always rough to try and catch up halfway through a season.

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Not at all. Harley has always been a favorite of mine. Not in the “OMG I’m so crazy and her relationship with Joker is GOALZZ” kinda way.

But I am diagnosed schizophrenic. I’ve also been in extremely abusive relationships that I constantly made excuses for. I under the Harley character. She is a smart and beautiful woman who doesn’t really see her own value.

I have ALWAYS wanted to see her come into her own. To realize her value outside of the Joker. To break it off with him and live a life she is truly happy with. So all the new publicity for her and her new character attributes really does make me happy.


Not really, and honestly, it’s not like she’s being used that much. If someone is really sick and tired of the Harley Quinn character, there are dozens upon dozens of other DC material you can read or watch right now that has nothing to do with her. Feeling “worn down” by her kind of feels like a self-afflicted wound, to be honest.


True. Plus, I don’t like binging a show when it is early on. Like I watched Flash seasons 1-3 on Netflix. By the time 4 was out, I had to restart. And the same for five. So now I will wait for a while to dive back in

I feel that way too. I’m in for the Harley Quinn tv show ride for every scene I get with Kite-Man


Not at all, recently finish her new 52 run, not gonna lie, it was not the best thing ever, but it have its moment and most importanly, I think, it introduce the character Red Tool :sunglasses:

Now i m currently reading Harley Rebirth and honestly I cannot explain why, even if it is the same writters, it feels a lot better, maybe I got use to the characters.

And with Harleen being so great, you can see that there’s a lot to be explore from the character, also she is nothing like deadpool, maybe her first few issues at the start of the n52.

So, not tired at all, if any, give me more of Harley.


Love Harley Quinn.
I work in Mental Health. I can relate to the struggle of not going off the deep end some days. Plus, a lot of women can relate to toxic relationships and trying to escape them. She is wicked smart even though she plays the ditz. Some people don’t like the Suicide Squad movie but the person vs self struggle is fantastic. While she is technically a villain she does work for the greater good. She no longer has a neck bomb, but decides to help the squad anyway and ultimately tricks Entrantress by, “I like what your selling, lady.” The Dr. playing mind games. Now, are all Harley stories equally good as others…no. But I’ll keep reading and watching.


That’s the main reason I’m not watching Birds of Prey. I love the animated series and all but they’ve been putting her into many stuff lately.

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I like the character, but I’m not seeing the movie. Once I heard the MC Gregor interview where he droned on about toxic masculinity I decided I was tired of sermons on how terrible I am because I’m a guy.

Let’s have some more Batman.


Not really. I like Harls. She’s cool, but not really my cup of tea.

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