Anyone Else Having This Odd Roku Issue?

Anyone else have an issue where DC Daily shows up as partially watched even though you haven’t watched it yet?!? No one else uses my account. Hmmm


This has been happening with me lately, as well. Today’s new episode, for instance, shows as two-thirds watched, though it’s brand new and I have not started it yet.

Maybe they just really want people to watch that awkward discussion panel

Same here on the web. Please fix!

Yeah I always have to rewind it to the beginning on my Roku

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Yeah it starts two thirds of the way through and I have to run it back

Yes, this started last week. Add it to the corrections needed in the next Roku update.

When I go to DC daily it’s at the end and have to rewind to beginning
Also I only get TV, movies and comics no community, news, encyclopedia, or shop

Thanks all, glad I’m not the only one! It’s such a weird glitch. I was almost afraid my account was hacked although that made little sense… hack my account only to watch DC Daily and nothing else! :joy:

Same here now there is no movie or TV series section


It happened to me last night, but that was the first time. Started about 3 minutes in instead of at the beginning.

I’m also having an issue with Roku where only a few options show up for me to watch or read. I can’t access 70% of the material I can on my Iphone

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I’m also having an issue with content showing up on my roku. In order to access you have to search but the ability to browse movies or tv isn’t present.
I have to look at my Android phone in order to browse all the available content.

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The DC Daily issue isn’t just happening on the Roku. I use my Samsung tablet to watch and it has been consistently somewhere in the middle of the episode for the last week. It is frustrating cause I watch primarily the beginning portion. No interest usually in the discussion panels cause they come off way too chipper usually and don’t seem to express the negative side like they should as well. Though I did watch yesterday’s discussion panel because it did show some of the issues with the Supergirl movie. Hope it is a step in a more accurate representation of the media.

A bunch of our Roku users have asked for a Browse feature and we’re sharing the feedback for our team so it can be considered for a future release of our TV apps.

If you continue to experience issues, Please reach out to our Customer Support team here: Submit a request – DC Universe Help Center

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