Anyone having issues uploading images

I tried posting an image of my artwork and for the life of me I cannot make any link work. It keeps giving me “That image could not be loaded”. Anyone else have the same problem? Found a solution?

I’d appreciate it.

I do not but I recommend getting in touch with the DCU Support Staff with pics of the glitch. Here’s a nice link to help. :slight_smile:

Never had any issues uploading a pictures how are you uploading exactly :scream:

Yes, Applejack helped me. You can’t load from an ios device. So u have to put them on your pc. Then go to, it’s free. Follow on screen instructions pro tip I found out the hard way. Once u upload your pics on there, 4 bars to your left will appear. It will say grab your handle. Despite the website asking for a url, you need to click on the very bottom bar, after you’ve clicked on a pic to bring them up. Then you right click and copy the very bottom handle (bar) on the left. Go to website and right click and paste. It should say upload image then just click yes.