Anyone here smacked Infinite Crisis before it closed?

Pretty much was like League of Legends but DC Universe. In fact, after it closed I think like 2015, I got into League and played for 3 years, it made me a bitter and toxic gamer. The best part, they say, is quitting it. But I didn’t want to quit Infinite Crisis. You got the Justice League, the Legion of Doom and alternate versions of that you may or may not have been familiar with.

I absolutely hammered people with Superman. That’s how I find myself every time I play a DC game. I remember smacking Atomic Joker. That disembodied head on a bear, I had that skin. Mecha Superman, mmmm, that iron giant son of a gun.

If you ever downloaded and played Infinite Crisis, who did you main for the limited time it was out? Let’s gush about the characters because honestly they were the best part. Heaven forbid, you played League or still are and want my advice to quit?


I miss Infinite Crisis so much. I had a lil group of friends I always played with I met in game. I was pretty bad but still had a lot of fun! I played my best with Wonder Woman. Pissed they closed the game right before I got Nightwing! That’s who I really wanted. I literally played every single day after school for like 2 years before it closed! they need to revive this game ASAP!


They do. Like right before I was able to play Grundy, sorry the servers are permanently down. Wonder Woman was good. I remember a lot of people playing Mecha Wonder Woman and the Flash, nothing more scary then being at low health and trying to beam home then all of a sudden here comes Barry with you in his cross hairs and all his abilities are up. Except for maybe Superman’s ult when he blasts across the map and takes you out. The worst part was that there was a charge up time for it, and you could see who he was going to take out. Nothing left to do but just hum hello darkness my old friend.


What it was like trying to log in the day they shut down.

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I liked IC a ton but it was a bad LoL. Personally I only played heavy metal wonder woman and some weird variant of Harley…Atomic maybe. I did like one match as Bats, Cyborg, and I think Joker. I honestly only got to put like 15 hours into that game.

Totally agreed the best part of League is quitting, it was fun but it eats your life and it isn’t too dynamic so it won’t make you smarter. By the time I got banned I learned everything there was to know and was a very competent platinum rank. The game is too unbalanced and you really start to feel that intuitively when you truly understand the game. I personally mained Fizz there.

Can’t say I miss IC as much as I miss MapleStory or Gunbound. I actually preferred it to DotA and Heroes of the storm. But I honestly feel Paragon and Overwatch and Paladins and Smite were just more well designed and these two other games I can’t even name.

I’d like to see a Battle Royale Moba.


I mained Kench. A lot of people probably became Red Lanterns because of us.

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I was super upset that this dude wasn’t in Gotham by Gaslight. Like if they were smart.

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Got into it when I got a Arkham Origins Joker skin and TV Show Green Arrow. I vaguely remember, possibly playing Green Lantern also?
Fun idea, I liked it for the characters/DC Universe mostly. They had some cool skins and characters they were planning also.
Was my first MOBA, didn’t play very often though, not my type of game unfortunately.

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Skin game was so solid. You got heroes and villains as Olympians, different comic and movie takes and some real sick orignal ones. I was so close to playing as dark suit Superman.
Green Lantern, Fearless Maverick, I always thought that was cool. Atomic Green Lantern was a character I smacked, he was hardcore. Everytime he spoke, the sound byte of a radioactivity detector plays. Dude was dying from a Lantern power better crushed into his chest.

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IC was my first MOBA as well. Haven’t played another since. No moba could take the place that game had in my life/heart. I agree it had its problems. They were more focused on giving skins of characters already in the game than actually adding as many characters in the DCU as possible, definitely needed more maps, maybe a campaign, and they closed cuz they didn’t make enough money so obviously I hate to say it but the game shouldn’t have been completely free. Like new characters, maps, items, whatever should’ve been way harder to get without paying actual money or actually a one time fee to acquire the game like buying it from the store or something.
Can’t get new content without paying employees. Can’t pay employees if you make no money.

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There’s a way to make free to play work. League, Team Fortress. Wonder why DC couldn’t crack the code.

No idea. I just wish they would get it right.

With a community as big as theirs you’d think they would.