Anything Else coming in March?

I wish y’all would let us know in the watchtower section like y’all used to


not sure tbh i keep looking in the watch tower cause thats were it use to be posted maybe in april they might start doing it again i hope but sadly besides shazam series i really dont have a clue


I’m so hoping for some recent movies up here soon


Still waiting on Krypton it is about to be summer!

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There are new comics tonight :slight_smile:

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I think other then new comics that is about it. To be fair they added a fair number of movies back on the 1st then Shazam on the 5th… that is a pretty good deal of new additions for movies and TV. I mean there is a finite amount they can add, but this feels like the most content they have had on the site at once since they launched. So would not look a gift melodic blue horse in the mouth.

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@Dantheman1 uh what was that last part​:sweat_smile::joy:

@foxybridges A Doom Patrol reference. :slight_smile:

Melodic blue horsies sing the song we need just when we need it.


Heya! You can find announcements regarding the month’s upcoming content in our News section, generally pretty close to the end of the previous month. You can find March’s full breakdown here:

We also announce in the News section every Tuesday the comics that are rolling out that week.

We post those articles in the Watchtower, as well! They live on in the front page of Community under the Announcements section, to serve a bit as a poor man’s “sticky” post.

Additionally, if you are subscribed to our newsletter, you will receive the intel there, as well. You can always double check if you’re subscribed to the newsletters by checking your e-mail settings on a computer (I don’t think that setting is available on mobile yet).

If all else fails, you can always head to the Home Page and dive into the “What’s New” row there. You’re sure to find the latest and greatest on what we’re offering. Stay tuned!