Aquaman Review No Spoilers

Aquaman definitely lived up to the hype. I would say it’s the second best film DC has made since WW. Great story telling with plenty of action and comedy with incredible visual effects. A couple of tweaks here and there, but overall a great film. I will definitely be seeing it again. Hopefully it’ll do well but it will be challenging considering it’s coming out the same weekend as Bumblebee and Mary Poppins.


I just got finished watching Aquaman. The movie is totally worth the wait. I was so excited to see the movie (especially a week earlier due to prime) and I was blown away. The soundtrack was excellent and so was the movie. Funny yet very impactfull. I love DC movies but if you had any complaints on past DC movies this will sure turn you around.


I mentioned this on another thread, but am curious since I did not stay for the end credits. Was there any special message after the credits since this was specified for Amazon Prime users?

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Nope, no special message

Ok, thank you.

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Nope. Nothing after the credits. There’s only the mid credit scene.

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The film is incredibly entertaining, it’s not perfect some scenes seemed slightly clunky. That said the film works, there is a lot of love for the lore of aquaman in the film and all the characters felt correct and looked stunning. Visually its a gorgeous film the world of Atlantis and its kingdoms are amazing to look at. The costume design is stunning with particular praise to Black mantas costume. Aquaman is exactly what i wanted it to be, a beautiful fun action movie. I urge everyone to go see this film if for no other reason than Black manta and his beautiful giant helmet.


Saw the film last night. My thoughts:

  • Amazing effects
  • Story was more nuanced than I thought
  • Cheesy as hell. Sometimes too much but so much fun
  • Incredible action

I feel others/critics may hate on it cause it borrows from other films just like any other comic book movie, but I feel since it’s DCEU, it could get dragged through the mud. It’s so much fun and Mamoa is charming AH.

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Btw technically there was an announcement for prime users before the movie… But it wasn’t anything special. I’m gonna go see it again though when it comes out again.

I saw Aquaman movie last night and it was great. I can’t wait to see the movie again.


Me too! I loved it, two hrs plus flew by. I will probably see this again in imax or 3-D. And will definitely buy the Blu-ray, 3-D preferred imported from the UK

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An Aquaman movie that does the character justice. Good story, good effects, and decent plot. Fun and enjoyable.

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Absolutely loved the film. The special effects were top notch, acting was great, action/fight scenes were phenomenal! And the story did the characters justice. 9/10 Only gripe is the modern music placed in some scenes.

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Just got ho,e from a sneak peak of Aquaman and loved it. It has brought the New 52 lore of Aquaman to the big screen. Like the Marvel movies it has comedy without trying that isn’t forced. Most of that is Jason Momoa’s portrayal of the sea king. A lot of the time with Super hero movies you see the graphics that become the dominating factor that override the story, but in this case the graphics blended and augmented the story like I’ve never seen. I can’t wait to see it again to see the details of things i missed.

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