Are comics being removed?

When I go to the flash rebirt issues it stares that there are 72 issues in the series, but only the last 25 or so are showing?

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I just checked. They’re all there. You must be experiencing a glitch or something.


I’d recommend using the Master Topics: Submit All Comic Issue Reports HERE! thread in the future for any related issues @Xbones. The @moderators are super responsive and helpful! :grinning: It also helps to see if others are having a similar experience and there is a greater problem to be solved in the DCU.


Here’s the link to the Flash (Rebirth) Series @Xbones.

After you search for the comic, select “See More” to view the entire collection.

Hope this helps! Happy reading! :nerd_face: :books:


On iOS, comics generate in “batches”, and there is an experience for some in which you need to do the following to populate them all:

  1. Enter the series page - See 25 issues.
  2. Click “Back”. Enter the series page again. See 50 issues.

Step/repeat for the next few batches. This is a minor bug we are aware of and are working on, but hopefully this temporary workaround helps :slight_smile:


It was a glitch on my iPad. After I closed the app and brought it back up they were there.

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