Are there any amazing Blue Beetle collectibles?

More Mattel Jaime.

From Hasbro:


From DC Direct, the very first Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle figure.


A stealth version of the above figure.


@khristian012 Hopefully something from these assorted eBay, Amazon and Google listings (and biff_pow and moro’s recommendations as well) will be what you’re after.

@Vroom Thanks for all of the info, I never even knew Blue Beetle had a JLU figure.

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Forgot about this, the 12" Jaime from Mattel’s Justice League Action line.

DC Icons Jaime from DC Collectibles.


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A promotional image from DC Collectibles for the TK Blue Beetle that would’ve also been in the DC Icons line (in a two-pack with Booster Gold) but was cancelled.


@khristian012 You’re quite welcome.

IDK if Ted or Jaime have any statues, busts and such but all of their action figures that I know of have been detailed in this thread.

AFAIK, the Charlton Blue Beetle (Dan Garrett) has had zero merchandise.

There is an upcoming figure that claims to be based on the “Original Blue Beetle”. I’m not familiar enough with the character to know exactly what that means, but it’s available on Big Bad Toy store for pre-order if you wanna check it out. Image below.

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I have the original DC Direct Ted Kord figure. It’s a little stiff thanks to limited articulation, but I remember I was elated when I first got this. It came with his BB gun and a rope with a suction cup at the end he could hold.

If you can find it, I recommend it, if not to see one of the first times Ted was ever made into a figure.

I NEED that icons one so bad

I have the Blue Beetle and Booster Gold Funko pop two pack.


For Blue Beetle I have:

  • Funko Blue Beetle and Booster Gold two pack (both versions, I am not one for variants anymore but I could not pass them up).
  • DC Direct Blue Beetle as is mentioned above with limited articulation, BB Gun and Rope
  • DC Direct First Appearance Blue Beetle Jaime Reyes
  • DC Direct Justice League Blue Beetle (Ted Kord) Kevin Maguire inspired line
  • Mattel DC Universe Classics Blue Beetle (Ted Kord)
  • Mattel DC Universe Classics Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes)
  • DC Direct Mini Mates two pack Booster Gold and Blue Beetle
  • Scribblenauts Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes)
  • Heroclix Booster Gold
  • Heroclix Blue Beetle (Ted Kord)
  • Heroclix Blue Beetle (Ted Kord) kind of clung to a wall side
  • Batman Brave and the Bold Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes) figure
  • Batman Brave and the Bold mini Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes)
  • Mattel DC Universe Infinite Heroes Blue Beetle (Ted Kord)
  • Lego Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes) mini figure
    I was really hoping the DC Icons twp pack of Beetle and Booster would have been released. It looked awesome.
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Just wanted to post an update on the Collection. With everyone’s suggestions I’ve made some nice additions, with some more still to come.


I’ve been wanting to get that icons beetle for a while. Its on sale on Amazon now so i just might!

I want WB/DC to make the Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle movie so we can get a ton more content for him! He Deserves it! Plus it would shine more light on Jaime AND Ted!

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I haven’t heard anything, even rumors, since like the beginning of the year…I’m desperate. :cry:

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i know! When that news dropped about them developing a Jaime BB movie i was hyped! Sadly like you said nothing has come of it yet! Hoping for an update on that next San Diego Comic con since WB/DC are bringing their DC Film slate this time!