Artemis Or Speedy

Archer v Archer

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Sorry I’m asking questions

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I’m just wondering :grin:

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:maple_leaf:Happy Fall

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Oh and I’m continuing my questions whenever I fell like it because there’s no notifications that can constantly annoy so sorry but others are enjoying so have a nice day

Don’t take it rudely and have a great fall

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Depending on what we’re talking about,
Young Justice - Artemis then, she has a better story overall
Comics though - Speedy, he has a deeper comic history.

Arsenal! Lol

Which Speedy? I wasn’t a big fan of Young Justice, so I’ll say Roy and Mia.

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Artemis, remember she has the Amazon thing going for her as well. But yeah, it depends which one you speak of.

If it’s Artemis from Redhood then for sure her.