ASK... THE QUESTION! Weekly Column Submission Thread

As usual, I find I’m late to the party. Although in this case, it’s feeling more like a premature wake. Having heard nothing about it on the news. Today, I chanced across a posting by @AlexanderKnox, a week ago. He referenced an article in the Hollywood Reporter. A little disturbing, to say the least.

Given what befell DC Daily, I guess the writing was on the wall, for all those willing to look at it. Change of this nature doesn’t always have to be bad. AT&T survived structural change in '84. I’m sure you guys will survive this. And after reading @Applejack’s post on the 11th, I am (like everyone else), on pins and needles awaiting her next posting tomorrow, on the 18th. Until then, life goes on. As do my questions.

Did the Golden Age Wonder Woman survive Dr. Manhattan’s tampering with the DCU? After John Byrne’s creative solution to restore her to the JSA timeline, I’d hate to see her retroed out of continuity yet again. Yeah, I’d really hate that! Also, what’s her origin these days? Is she still considered a " love child " of Zeus, ala Patty Jenkins movie version, via New 52? Or, does the more traditional " child of clay " version (provided by her creator) still hold true in the Rebirth era? Inquiring minds, and all that, good sir.

Stay safe, be well, and the best of luck to you all!


Completely off-topic, but this isn’t quite true. The AT&T we know today is actually the former Southwestern Bell, one of the 7 Baby Bells that were spun off in 1984. Some years ago they bought what little was left of the original AT&T, changed their name and installed the Spirit of Communication in their corporate hq in Texas.


I stand corrected, @markhb.


HCQ, hard at work looking over the pages of questions that have made their way onto his desk decides to take a break. He gets up from his desk and looks out the window.

“Could it be?” He asks himself while also noting what day it is.

Yes, it is! Up in the sky… It’s not a bird, or plane… It’s ajm08g! :astonished: :joy:

Ah, now onto business. :face_with_monocle:

As per the inquiry made in Office Hours last night here…

Was I perhaps on the right track? Additionally another question also arose during my reading of this arc.

I found it rather interesting that in Action Comics 687 how surprised Lois was reacting to The Eradicator. She then also has another surprised reaction upon meeting Cyborg Superman in Superman 78.

Did I miss reading something, or is this perhaps a continuity error as a result of the different titles this arc goes through?
(I guess I should also mention I am still in the process of reading, so if these answers lie in continuing the read then that will be a satisfactory answer as well knowing how busy our inquires work into your schedule) :sunglasses: :+1:

Thank you for your work as always into these matters HCQ as they are very much appreciated! :superman_hv_4:

Also, don’t worry… The “fan” special questions for Friday are still in order… :grin: :smile:

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Alright, so I know that Mark Waid’s reboot of the Legion of Superheroes was later revealed, in the Final Crisis tie in Legion of Three World’s, that this Legion was set in the future of Earth Prime. This makes a lot of sense considering that the character could frequently be seen reading real world comics from our time. My question is, was this revelation always Mark Waid’s intention, or was this a retcon introduced by Geoff John’s in order to return to the original Legion continuity?

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Do you know when & how (or who’s responsible) for the repetitive use of the Curiouser & Curiouser line from Alice in Wonderland throughout DC Comics? Who was the 1st? All who’ve used it, & where it all began & stuck?


The new column is up! Thank you to @Clonegeek18, @RainStormRiddles, @a2.ton.51072, and @wrightline1.42741 for their questions.


I don’t think this is particularly a DC thing. Alice in Wonderland is just a commonly recognized cultural reference throughout all fiction.


I see. Thank u kindly sir.

While I have you, I don’t believe there’s ever been any comic where young Bruce is depicted as a member of the Boy Scouts. That may be the only reference to it.


Interesting. Thank u. I was curious to reuse a word but I didn’t wanna badger u about it.

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Way to go Qman,

Sorry, I know that looks a little too much like a certain crazy conspiracy group makin’ the rounds these days. I’ll refrain from that nick name in the future, promise! Thanks for responding to my Firestorm inquiry a while back. Wow. I knew he was an incorporated son-of-a-gun. Just didn’t expect that much incorporation! I suppose we can thank Dr. Manhattan for returning Mr. Conway’s creation to his original configuration. Thanks, Doc!

Your other answers were likewise informative and appreciated. Especially the one for @a2.ton.51072 about Lionel Luthor. That got me traveling down a couple of different paths. The first, took me all the way back to the 60’s. When DC was deeply entrenched in it’s “LL” mania. Lois, Lana, Lori, Linda, Lucy and then Lex and Lena. His dad wouldn’t get his double initials for 20+ years yet. Where (as you noted), Peter Sands renames him Lionel. That got me wondering exactly when did DC assign a first name to Superman’s premier arch enemy? I know there were other “LL”, so how 'bout a list when you’ve got time?

Secondly, not so much a question, as a shout out to the talented Mr. John Glover. His connection to the DCU over the decades has been quite varied and impressive. Both live action (up to and including Shazam!), as well as some animated voices (including the Riddler). Love your work Mr. Glover. Looking forward to your next involvement in another DC/Warner project.


Hello once more HCQ! A good day to you before the first weekend of DC FanDome! :sunglasses: :+1:

As always, wishing you well no matter what day or hour I happen to stop by, or happen to whoosh from outside the window of your office… :superman_hv_3:
(Wait… Does your office have a window? Ah, nevermind that! A question for another time!) :smile:

Now… I know what you are thinking… This day has finally arrived. After alluding to this event in previous questions… The day promised with certain “fan” questions is nigh! What could they be? :open_mouth:

“They?” Indeed!
These particular questions revolve around one of the many highly esteemed hosts of DC Daily! Mr. @HectorIsFunny1! :smiley:

“Questions?” Yes! Not, one, or two, but three questions!
That’s oddly specific… Correct!
You might recall you once asked Hector three questions… It might help you answer the first question… :nerd_face:

And with that note… Here they begin!

Q1. What is the DC Daily episode number in which Hector correctly identified Booster Gold as the first superhero to identify Doomsday by name?

(Watching this episode again may have put this particular story line higher up on my reading list… Perhaps there is some method to my madness after all…) :laughing:

Q2. If Hector could choose a music theme or score from any DC media, what would his be? :sunglasses: :metal:

And now in saving the best for last… :grin:

Q3. If Hector is not a movie producer, then he is just what?

Also, now for a fun bit of trivia for you…

These answers can also be found throughout our phenomenal community.
In the answer to that last question aren’t we all? :superman_hv_4:

Hope that you enjoy this series HCQ and that you have a great weekend also enjoying what is offered with this weekends DC FanDome! :superman_hv_4:

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Why was the comic series Sideways canceled?

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Same reason most any series is canceled: low sales. Support your favorite books.


Has Detective Chimp ever been in Detective comics? Making it DC’s DC: Guest Staring DC?


Hello @HubCityQuestion, being a fan of Sportsmaster, what’s his chances are to be part of suicide Squad? I think he would be perfect for the team. :slightly_smiling_face:


Funny you’d mention that, because Sportsmaster WAS a member of the Suicide Squad, once! (Though it’s the Victor Gover iteration, not Crusher Crock.) Waller added him as part of a roster expansion in a tie-in to WAR OF THE GODS. See 1991’s SUICIDE SQUAD #58.


Only twice so far: first in Detective Comics #845, and once more in issue #1000.


Oh yeah. I own that. :man_facepalming: