ASK... THE QUESTION! Weekly Column Submission Thread

Two answers here. The first should be obvious: it’s a monetary concern. Better to have a limited selection of good looking animal effects than shoddy ones. Comics and cartoons can pull off way more than live action on a much smaller budget.

The second, as Beast Boy himself explains in the “Doom Patrol” episode, is that it’s a psychological limitation. As he grows more comfortable with his powers, he may be able to diversify his transformations — as we saw in the Season 2 premiere!

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Well thanks for that. After rewatching the Season 2 premiere, I’d completely forgotten about Gar’s brief turn as a legless lizard. I guess the introduction of Bruce Wayne into the series occupied more of my attention. I stand duly chastised, good sir.

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Thanks a lot for answering my question, I never knew that Batman: the long Halloween was a sequel!

And now I have another question for the Question. What are the origins of the Question? The only comic I’ve ever read with him in it was Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. But in that he was an older Jimmy Olsen. And I watched Justice League Unlimited (and BTW he was one of my favorite characters in that show), but other than JLU and Dark Knight Returns, I’ve never seen him.


P.S. I love your column!

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Thanks, CatAndHorseCrazy! It’s actually a strikingly common misconception that The Question is an older Jimmy Olsen in Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Strikes Again - that’s good old Vic Sage. People just tend to confuse their redheaded reporters out of costume, especially in a setting where both characters are older. (The Question isn’t ALWAYS a redhead, mind you. He likes to change his hair color quite often.)

For The Question’s origins, take a look at The Question (1986) series by Dennis O’Neil and Denys Cowan. Or read 52 #18, featuring a two-issue backup story by Mark Waid retelling his beginnings!


Hey, so when did Star Sapphires change from a single character to a entire Lantern Corps? Was it a instant change, or was it a slow change over the years into becoming what it is today?

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It was one of the hooks to the biggest story in DC Comics last year: “We meet in the alley” vs “we met on the boat.” I speak, of course, of Selina and Bruce respectively recalling their first meeting, with “the boat” referring to the original Batman #1 from 1940, and “the alley” coming from Batman Year One. My theory is that this comes from the end of Crisis on Infinite Earths, when the heroes got to remember the Multiverse but the villains didn’t. Do you have or know of a better answer to the difference in their memories?

This question is conclusively answered in Tom King and Clay Mann’s Batman #79! If you haven’t read it, I won’t spoil it for you.

It was on the beach.

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The new column is up! Thanks to all who submitted, and happy Thanksgiving!

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Themes of every new 52 universe in the multiverse

Question: Is DC going to release a DC Essentials catalog for 2020? Usually it would have been released by now.

Thanksgiving seems a most appropriate time to express (once again), thanks to the Q-meister for excellence in services rendered. Having laid to rest (no pun intended) Frank Rock, Master Sgt, US Army, duly honored and remembered by a grateful nation, for gallantry, in service to his country. In addition, your column gave a structural history to DC. As well as it’s acquisitions and character leases over time. Some of which I knew. Most, I did not. On behalf of your reading public, hungry for such knowledge, thank you! And I hope you and yours’ had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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@DeSade-acolyte I believe that Darkseid had his mother Heggra murdered in vengeance of Suli’s death (especially since Suli was the only person that Darkseid ever loved.) Tigra became Darkseid’s mistress after Suli (which Tigra and Darkseid had no love between them at all from what I know.) I don’t know what happened to Tigra after Orion was born.

Hey, how did Lobo get banned from the Afterlife? I mean, we know it’s very hard to kill him, but how come his soul remains on the living world rather than going to Heaven or Hell?

Q, I love reading the questions that a lot of the younger readers put to you. It’s like being home and watching JEOPARDY on the tube. Get’s the ole brain cells bouncing around all that comic trivia tucked away in the back of your mind. In my case, it usually creates a spin-off query on the same subject. So, if you don’t mind, I’m going to piggyback on a few. Widen the subject under discussion. ToughGuyStu had a great Jericho question. Here’s mine. What would happen if DEADMAN tried to take over a body already occupied by Jericho? Or, vice versa? Feel free to consult Madame Xanadu. This might be more in her bailiwick. Reaganfan78 just inquired about Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth. I’m wondering if her rope of confinement has ever worked on gods of other realms? I can’t recall. And how many times has the actual lariat ever been broken? Finally, DeSade-acolyte’s query about Ra’s Al Ghul’s origin, also got me to wondering about the character’s longevity. Thanks to the Lazarus Pit, Ra’s has lived an enormously long life, so far. And it’s only been a few short years (in DC comic time) that he has run up against super-hero opposition to his global plans for humanity. But, since even prior to Batman, he has failed to accomplish this goal. One has to wonder, why? What other heroes (or villains) in times past, have stood in his way? I can think of one who might have. And that’s a story I’d love to read. Vandal Savage vs. Ra’s Al Ghul !! Before I go, totally agree with your take on Taskmaster, DeSade. The Bat’s in trouble here. Thanks. Bye now!

Hi, I had a thought watching Batwoman tonight and figured you could tell me: has the Mad Hatter ever met Alice? Batwoman’s sister, I mean, not someone Hatter was trying to force to be Alice.


Hey Q, thanks for helping out on the history of Zatarra. It’s led me to wonder about another Golden Age hero who disappeared, whatever happened to the original Batwoman?


If Kara was actually a young girl functioning on Krypton and as such has memories of the culture and civilization of her world, should not have an accent when on earth? And what accent would it sound like?