ASK... THE QUESTION! Weekly Column Submission Thread

Other than the Joker and Lex Luthor, who has been the most prevalent villian in DC history?

This is more of a DC real-world history question than a continuity/in-universe question, but I’m curious if you know:

Why did some characters (Batman, Aquaman, Flash, Green Arrow) get kid sidekicks in the Golden and Silver Ages, but not others (Superman, Green Lantern)?

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@HubCityQuestion what’s up buddy hope your doing well . I have a question for you what if Humans got powers like Superman from a different color sun. I’m almost sure that there is an Elseworlds story like this but I’m interested in your take oh faceless one. Always good getting your thoughts on things.


A tip of the hat to DC’s management, for their “reflective” 5 minutes of site silence, at noon today. As a veteran, I appreciate it. Just as once again, this last Monday in May, somewhere in all 50 states, “taps” will be played on Memorial Day. A short, but memorable piece, known to all. Paying tribute to the deceased (both known an unknown), who fought in all of our conflicts and wars.

If memory serves (and I may be wrong), It’s been 10 years now since DC last foraged into those bygone (but not forgotten) days of World War 2. A couple of fine colections hit the shelves back then. An Our Army at War tpb, a long delayed follow-up to a much earlier, mass market version from '79, titled America at War. Also, a Vertico collection, on an updated version of the Haunted Tank, in Afghanistan. And last (but not least), a wonderful 9pager in Legacies, by Wein and Joe Kubert, being their last, real take on the subject.

One can’t really fault DC for putting their War and Western heroes out to pasture. After all, comics are a business, first and foremost. And right now, that $$$ is found in the capes and cowls of the super-hero set.

Reflecting on your answer to @TornadoSoup recently, about the afterlife, pushed my thinking in that direction. One of the most enjoyable aspects of the old HT adventures, was always Jeb Stuart’s interaction with his ghostly ancestor, “the General,” Which got me to wondering, just how many active spooks are there in the DCU these days? I can think of a few off the top, but I know there are others.

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Hello @HubCityQuestion okay so heres a question that I need answered because I like to know every single character in whatever DC property I’m watching.

In all of the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited episodes how many and which characters were based on existing characters that couldn’t be used for some reason?

For example Devil Ray obviously being Black Manta, Tsukuri being Katana and green guardian being green lantern Alan Scott. In addition were there any characters created specifically for the show that weren’t based on anyone else? Luminus comes to mind only because they used Dr. Light In JLU later on.

Hello @HubCityQuestion, I have a question about the JSA, who started this group and how did the history of JSA begins?:slightly_smiling_face: Thankyou.


When did Shazam (or Captain Marvel, if you will) first use his lightning offensively? I know it became a more common practice after the New 52, but I’ve seen examples of it happening before that (the JLU episode Clash for instance). And who threw lightning first: Flash or the Big Red Cheese?