ASK... THE QUESTION! Weekly Column Submission Thread

Thanks for the corrections and the update. One reason (among many) why your own knowledge and archive accessibility prove invaluable to us mere mortals out here in comic book land!

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Well hello there HCQ. :wave: :sunglasses:

Another busy week in the books and hope for a good weekend for you. :smiley: :+1:

I was reading through this weeks trivia (happy to say I knew the answers Seattle and Cyborg for their respective questions and added a lot of interesting facts to now knowing :grin:), and what an interesting bout it was again. Makes me think I should have had a more fixed question on Hawkman, but maybe this one shall do. :smile:

In keeping with the spooky theme this month, I was thinking about one of the trivia questions asked during FanDome about which hand Aquaman had for a hook. Which thus provided this inquiry this week. :thinking:

Which of our many heroes in the DC Universe have had the unfortunate turn of events that have resulted in completely losing their limbs? :fearful: :raised_hand: :leg: :foot: :eyes:

We can scratch Oracle off in this case since she lost the ability to use her limbs, but they were still apart of her, unlike Aquaman and the possible others out there.

Oh, and in thinking about it a bit more, I did read a little while ago somewhere that Hawkman did have his arm removed (more torn off :sweat_smile:), but I forgot to put it on a list I read… :man_facepalming:
Ah, and I guess I did make room to somewhat include Hawkman after all… :smile:

Thank you again for what you do HCQ and look forward to that helping hand that you provide in answering our questions! :superman_hv_4:

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Hate to come back attcha’ so soon Q, but I gotta’ get this out to ya’ while I’m thinking about it. Seems to me I remember posing a question to you awhile back. Regarding those main players in the DCU with sheepskins on their walls. Who had them, and who didn’t. And, as that query is obviously still in your “to do” box, let me amend it with this add on. Do Starvard and the Holiday College for Girls still exist on the educational landscape of the Rebirth era? I was looking at some G.A. Wonder Woman stuff, when those institutions of higher learning were mentioned.

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Hello @HubCityQuestion, I have another question for you and hope it’s not to hard. Then again it might be, sorry.:anguished:
Today I was watching a Silent Film called, ‘Speedy’ (1928) Starring Harold Lloyd on HBO Max.
In the movie there was a sign that say Kent Ave. Did Shuster and Sigel got the name of Clark ‘Kent’ from this movie as a inspiration for Superman’s identity who was created 10 years later?
Thankyou :slightly_smiling_face:

The name Clark Kent was actually inspired by two popular actors at the time: Clark Gable and Kent Taylor.


Thankyou, I was just wondering.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello @HubCityQuestion, I had this well thought out question. Let’s say this Universe for DC is known as Earth - 100. Superman and Wonder Woman are a married couple, and they have twins together. One boy and one girl child respectively. My question to you is this. As the children get older and start to show their powers by having both of their parents DNA mixed in. Do you call the boy Wonder Boy or SuperBoy and do you call the daughter SuperGirl or Wonder Girl? How would you go about it?

Well, “Wonder Boy” is out because that’s both a Tenacious D song and a series of Sega video games. We don’t need more brand confusion.

Hey HCQ,

Went back in the stacks for this Question-

In Aquaman #24, the invisible Un-Thing battles both Aquaman & Queen Mera before being defeated.
Do we ever see Un-Thing again, and if so, do we ever learn just what his “invisible love” really entails?

aquaman 24


Justice League of Nations: Heavy research question I know but I was wondering, outside of the UNITED STATES, what countries are most represented by heroes? Or if it’s more complicated because of fictional countries like Markovia, which regions have the most Meta Humans in the DC Universe?

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Had Black Canary ever been a songstress prior to her music career during her solo DCYou run/Batgirl of Burnside appearances?

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Nope! In fact, it was kind of a joke in her prior appearances that she was actually a pretty awful singer.

(Though she did do some singing in episodes of Batman: The Brave and the Bold.)


How often does a Green Lantern overcome the yellow element’s resistance by overpowering it with pure force of willpower?

Very recently a friend sang a favorite old 60’s song, “There’s a kind of Hush”. I cannot get it out of my head now nor can I not think of the implications of said song if it were related to a Hush storyline in a DC comic. I know there are certain rules about using song lyrics or music in cartoons and comics. I also know somehow Animaniacs gets around those rules by changing enough notes and or words. Has the title of this song ever been used for a Hush story? Would also make for a great team up between Harley Quinn and Hush. Or a Batman ‘66. Or a Brave and Bold episode. Would really love to see all the lyrics of song made into narrative for a story.

Not as of yet, no.


Thank you.

There is a Wonder Boy that was produced by Quality Comics and DC Comics

I read somewhere a while back that Wonder Boy was one of those rare characters that was creator owned and actually moved on to another (I believe Dell) publisher. If that is true he would not be available to DC.

Recently had a discussion about Grant Morrisson run on Animalman and some of the characters who showed up in comicbook limbo. One of those characters was Angel Love who i had thought was not in continuity. However, with Convergence making Binky and Cap’s Hobby Shop canon i started to wonder about some of the Romance characters. Among fanboys it has long been speculated that one of DC’s first recurring Romance characters April O’Day is actually Angel O’Days sister. I believe DC has never acknowledged this. Have any of DC’s Romance characters ever shown up in DC’ continuity?

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I don’t think so. Morrison, to my knowledge, is the only DC writer who touched on bringing those characters into the superhero universe, even giving Binky Barnes a quick cameo in ANIMAL MAN. But apart from that, nobody’s really bothered to connect the DCU to those romance comics.

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