ASK... THE QUESTION! Weekly Column Submission Thread

Little late to the show here, but I’d say it exceeded them! Like Geoff Johns’ Shazam! film in respect to his New 52 story arc for Billy Batson, Stargirl clearly represents the work of a writer who’s really had time to think about the story he wrote, and how he might have done it differently in a second draft. I see this series as an improvement on the original comic that launched Johns to DC stardom.


No, Thanagarians do not lay eggs – but Manhawks, another birdlike humanoid race which inhabits Thanagar, do. In fact, Thanagarians first developed Nth metal wings and weaponry to combat the Manhawks.


Thanagarians (when fighting Manhawks): Omlet time.


I cant help but feel that Jon Kent has a crush on her that may be mutual. as the too seem two have a lot of panels together in JL Future state.

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What happened to Damian Wayne after Pennyworth 1? are there any books stating what happened as all i know is from endless winter something happened between him and the titans that caused some big fallout.

PS: are there any books dealing with what happened to the rest of the bat family during city of bane well Bruce was off on his I had my back broken, throat slit, feel into another coma from bleeding out in the snow/ i need time to heal up and train well getting back together with the love of my life timeline? its alluded to in pennyworth 1 that they went threw hard times but i am wondering if we learn anything about what happened to them.

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Was in conversation with my younger sister the other day, over the chaos in our Nation’s Capital last week. Which just reminded me of her difficulties in seeing. She has a degenerative disorder that is slowly removing her eyesight. Fortunately, it hasn’t hit her all at once. So she is learning how to adapt to her diminishing vision, every day. When total loss does come, she’ll be much better equipped to get about.

All of which had me recalling a query from @Numbuh1Nerd about Dr. Mid-Nite, awhile back. It got me to thinking about those heroes (very much in the minority), who are likewise physically challenged or disabled in some way, in the DCU. A few immediately come to mind. Capt. Marvel Jr. (Freddy will always be CMJ to me), Cyborg, the entire Doom Patrol, Jericho, the various Dr. Mid-Nites (minus CW’s Beth Chapel, of course) and Jessica Cruz, since all challenges to the body aren’t always visible on the outside. My beloved Oracle would’ve made the cut, but for her return to full mobility and costumed adventuring.

I’m sure I’ve missed some. My knowledge of all those currently occupying the DCU is woefully inadequate. Care to fill in the blanks, HCQ, sir?

Well, 'til Shrapnel meets Metallo (he hasn’t yet, has he?)

Stay safe, be well.