Atlantis Chronicles (1990-) #1

Atlantis Chronicles (1990-) #1

Admittedly I’ve never truly had much interest in Aquaman. I’m not one of those guys who always knock the character, The mythos and lore around Atlantis and Aquaman never truly appealed to me.

I had a ‘what the heck’ moment and decided to give these a read. I’m very glad I did.
Not to spoil anything but I love how the story is told from different perspectives and the idea that different perspectives can tell part of the story very differently is explored here.

This take on the lore is fascinating, and I found myself enthralled in Orin’s tale when at first I wasn’t sure I liked the character at all. And Cora’s story… You guys need to read this series! Excellent workin these pages!


As a huge Aquaman man (way before the movie) I decided to give this a read to explore the history of Atlanta’s and to gain more knowledge about Aquaman and where he comes from. Wow it’s amazing, these are pretty long reads and I’ve never been a fan of the older art styles but the story is great. It explains where Atlanta’s came from, how they can survive in the water, how some got abilities, and how their appearance transformed. I highly recommend you give this series a chance.

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