Atrocity #3 "A Friend In Need"

Hey Everyone, I know it’s been a while, but I realized I had time to do some writing and VOILA! Here is #3. Can’t Promise when #4 will come out, BUT I am working on it! If you want to catch up or remember where we were go to this WONDERFUL Page!.

Atrocity #3:

Jake opens his eyes, feeling weak and confused. Standing in front of him is Atro, his best friend.

Jake: Atro, what are you doing here?

Atro ignores the question.

Atro (to Lash): What did you do to my friend?

Lash: You know this brat.


Lash: You obey us remember.


Lash: Code 39492 activat-
Atro: Fine I’ll do it.

Jake: Atro what are you going to do to me?

Lash: Shut up, impudent boy.

Atro: I-I’m-

Lash: You too. Atro get everything ready.

Atro: What do I need to do?

Lash: I’ll brief you later.
Lash (looking at Jake): You boy, need to come with me.
Jake: NO! I won’t!

Lash picks up Jake with his feet in the air and head to the floor.

Lash: Yes you will.


Lash holds Jake now with one hand and covers Jake’s mouth with the other.
Lash leaves.

Atro sits down, lost and confused.

A minute passes by and Atro feels helpless. Atro feels his will has been stripped of him. He feels he is a slave to the lowborn. He feels lost and powerless. If he has to do everything Lash says anyway, what’s the point of having will. What if he just turned off his free will.

Atro: Code 39492 activate obedience.

Atro feels his body stiffen up, becoming almost inorganic.

Atro: Do everything Lash commands.

Atro feels his brain getting weaker. What did he just say? He feels his legs moving robotically but on the outside they seem organic and natural. What does organic mean again. Aren’t is legs always like this. Then Atro feels his desire slip away. He is a servant of Lash nothing more.

Atro feels him taking off his clothes and putting new ones on, but he realize anything. He thinks three words over again.


Lash puts Jake down.

Lash: Listen, you are to stay here until I come get you.

Jake curls into a ball.

Jake: I want my mommy.

Lash: Dang, how old are you kid?

Jake: E-eleven.

Lash: Your a big boy now, grow up.

Jake: I c-can’t.

Lash: You can.

Jake: Were you ever eleven?

Lash: Yes, but I had already grown up though.

The Past

Young Lash sneaks around a corner. He sees the door to the labs, he runs. A soldier was right around the corner.

Soldier: Hey, come here.

Young Lash sees the soldier and tries to run away. Another soldier appears behind the corner.

Young Lash takes a right, there’s another soldier. Young Lash is trapped.

Soldier 1: Boy, it’s past your curfew.

Young Lash: I-

Soldier 2: SHUT UP.

Soldier 1: You know what we do with you lowborn swine when you violate curfew.

Young Lash: Ple-

Soldier 2: SHUT UP.

Soldier 1: Yes Rocky?

Soldier 3: We kill them!!

Soldier 1: Your darn right we do.

Mom: LASH!! LASH!!!

Dad: LASH!!

Soldier 1 grabs the boy,

Soldier 1: Go get those two.

The Parents see Young Lash.

Mom: No PLEASE, PLEASE Don’t kill him, he’s only a child.

Dad: We we’ll do anything.

Soldier 1: Don’t you know it’s past your curfew?

Mom: Yes.

Soldier 1: And do you know what we do with you swine after curfew?

Soldier 3: We kill them.

Mom: Please, We’ll do anything. You can kill us but don’t kill our son.

Soldier 1: Fine.
Soldier 1 signals Soldier 2 and 3.


Lash: NOO!!!

Jake: Are you okay.


Jake cries. Lash leaves.

Lash enters to see Atro.

Lash: Code 39492 deactivate obedience.
Atro feels his brain come back and his control come back. With his brains return, his doubt, his insecurity. He could turn it back on now. Shut out those feelings, why should they exist anyway if he has no choice.

Lash: Are you insane?

Atro: What?

Lash: Activating obedience on yourself?

Atro: Code 39492 Activ-

Lash: STOP.

Atro: Just let me-

Lash: No. You shouldn’t do this.

Atro: I don’t want to do any of this, but I don’t have a choice.

Lash: You shouldn’t just give in though. You are a lowborn, lowborns don’t quit.
Atro: I am a highborn by how I was raised. Stop calling me a lowborn.

Lash: When your older you will understand.

Atro: Code 39492 Activate Obedience.

Lash: Atro, why do you want to activate obedience?

Atro: LASH is Master, I am servant. I have no choice, but to be servants.

Lash: I give up, Code 38478 begin mission in file 3849a.

Atro leaves.

Lash sits.
Lash: What have I done?

Atrocity #4 continues NEXT WEEK!! (Theoretically)