Average women not portrayed!

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Yea its just comics…fun. I see what ur saying. But they’re re not called “Average Hero’s” its “Super Hero’s”. Plus its not just girls. Not all us guys can be Superman or Batman when we look in a mirror either. Everyone needs to lighten up!


I’m sorry but this is just someone complaining to complain. Get over yourself and enjoy art for what it is. If you can’t enjoy something because it doesn’t represent your as you put it averageness (if that’s even a word) then maybe you should watch paint dry, or possibly another average boring task like being stuck in traffic. These comics and shows are trying to entertain you not make you feel some sort of self worth. That comes from things like a job, children, having skills like cooking, painting, playing an instrument stuff like that. Do you get mad at music companies not employing average musicians? Because there is no representation for average musicians out there.


@ralphsix any media meant to empower disenfranchised people’s are going to be a little bit condescending at best, but that doesn’t always cheapen it, you know? Sometimes in this hell world of ours, it’s nice to be pandered to a little.

Also sorry but another rant, it comes across as very hypocritical to say that average people aren’t portrayed in the comic medium when you are basing it off of looks. Someone’s looks aren’t what defines them it’s theirs actions. So complaining about the looks of someone suggests that looks are what defines you. When your point is more representation of average people. What makes them above average their looks? For someone condemning something for being superficial you yourself are being very superficial.

I thought looks were subjective? And how do you know what the average female reader looks like?

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I’m an average woman. And I don’t mind my guy heroes looking fine. I don’t want to see fat guys. I can go anywhere and see average men. Superman and batman can look awesome. I don’t mind.


Many SUPER heroes have physical appearances that aren’t ‘average human’ because crime fighting heroes (even the actual human ones) aren’t average humans. This is true of both male and female characters. That said, there are some ‘less fit/jacked’ comics characters such as the Penguin, Amanda Waller, Etta Candy, Granny Goodness, Roundhouse, Mogo, etc.

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What I find a little disturbing is that the OP isn’t making a statement about the comic characters but rather the women of the DC Daily show themselves.

First of all they are all talented, intelligent and charismatic. What they look like is only relevant to the small-minded. What does matter is that they be well-informed, passionate and engaging in what they do, of which I believe they all do an admirable job.

Secondly, if we are forced to address the panelist/hosts visages, I still find the point flawed. Contemporarily speaking I find there to be a good range of body-types, ethnicity and orientation given the group size. Are there further options out there as yet unbroadcast? Yes. And I firmly believe that someday for certain you’ll get to see the heavily-obese, bald, uni-browed, spectacled, geriatric, middle-aged Caucasian male sitting on the couch between Sam and Samm.

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