Bad Ideas

Take a tent pole character who’s been around for decades and has a family of titles spinning off the main title (let’s say Hall Jordan). Make him go insane for some ridiculous reason. Have other heroes actually kill him (as opposed to letting him live, like every other villain).

… I’m not going to finish this sarcasm. It was literally the worst idea of the decade.

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@Vroom That sounds like something someone who secretly wants to see a 2 Broke Girls comic would say

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Didn’t Hal sacrifice himself in Final Night and did he really have a bunch of spinoff comics back in the day?

Green Lantern 90 was a huge hit and constant award winner. The spinoffs were:

  • Guy Gardner Reborn (miniseries)
  • Guy Gardner Warrior (Guy’s first solo series)
  • Green Lantern Mosaic (John Stewart’s solo series)
  • Green Lantern Corps Quarterly (anthology)
  • Darkstars (looks like DC’s bringing this back)
  • Emerald Dawn (miniseries)
  • Emerald Dawn II (miniseries)
  • Trinity (miniseries, before the DC trinity of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman was such a thing - this was a joining of Green Lanterns, Darkstars, and L.E.G.I.O.N.)

It boggles the mind why they won’t upload Emerald Dawn, Emerald Dawn II, and Green Lantern 1-47.

Either way, Ron Marz had nothing without this foundation. There’d be no Kyle Rayner, Darkest Night, Brightest Day, or Geoff Johns Rebirth without this.

So yeah, it was a title to be reckoned with :grin:

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@harley They wont upload Emerald Dawn, Emerald Dawn II, and Green Lantern #1-47 because DC is no longer distributing them (digitally at least) because the person who created them, Gerald Jones, was arrested for… really bad stuff. Like REALLY bad.

I’ve heard the rumor of Gerard Jones, but DCU won’t tell us anything official. I don’t doubt his guilt. However, I doubt the wisdom to hold back these stories.

Meanwhile, the other dozen creators are also getting punished, and the subscribers don’t have access to a true franchise building story.

Hiring Tom King to write Batman.



Wow! I had no idea. I was familiar with all those comics, but I’ve never been deeply invested in the Green Lantern corner of the universe so I never laid out the timeline. That is insane. Three simultaneous successful ongoing series spin-offs is a feat only a handful of characters have managed. Any idea why DC was so intent on changing things?

@Awesome_Squid @Harley

Are there some sort of community guidelines prohibiting mentioning sexual crimes or something because there’s a weird tendency for people on here to be super skittish around those terms. I don’t get it. Gerald Jones was arrested for child pornography. Max Landis is accused of sexual assault. These are horrible things that exist in the world and we should discuss them like rational people, and yet some people seem to treat it like the name of Voldomort where we will be accursed if we say it.

Heck, when people say, “That thing the guy was accused of doing,” the first thing everyone does is Google it anyway, so all we are doing is slowing down people from finding out the info by about thirty seconds.

Apologies if I’m violating some sort of rule. I’ve looked around for the forum rules a bit and I didn’t find them. Unless I’m being dense and overlooked them, I’m surprised they aren’t pinned somewhere.


Maybe I haven’t read his entire run, but I really like most of Tom King’s Batman run. I don’t get the hate.

Except for the wedding, but even then, it’s more a DC promotional problem acting like it was a big deal rather than an actual story problem.

Batman gets superpowers, marries Catwoman, and moves to space where he operates the Galactics Space Bats. Eventually there would be a big event series where they fought the Green Lantern Corp and there would be lots, and lots, of tie-ins and crossovers.


@Batwatch, I love the healing approach. A man after my own heart :grin:

I think Gerard Jones is a slimy piece, but the stories are good. We should be allowed to read the stories.

Back to the original thread, holding back these stories is a bad idea :grin:

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@BatWatch I don’t know if it’s allowed or not, but being so blunt may make people uncomfortable. Leaving out what he specifically did means that the people who want to know more can look him up and find out, and the people who may want to avoid such sensitive topics don’t have to unexpectedly run into them when trying to engage with what should be a safe and respectful community. Just because I could add extra details doesn’t mean I should. I try to practice restraint out of respect for fellow community members. I won’t force you to do the same, and I don’t believe you’re rude for being more forward. It’s just a personal choice I’m making.

That’s why I left it out, but obviously I don’t speak for everyone who chooses not to include things like that, so they may have different reasons.

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@BatWatch Also read Nathan.Payson’s thread titled Home on the Range. In the comments I explain why I dislike Tom King’s Run so much. And it has nothing to do with Batman and Catwoman not getting married.

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@Batwatch, did DC intend to change things? That’s a large discussion.

In the mid to late 90’s Marvel and DC had a hard time holding on to talent. The independent explosion (led by Image, Dark Horse, and Valiant) was pulling away the vast majority of the talent.

Personally, I think the change was forced by a combination of the lack of talent and a desire to make things more violent. The stories suffered for quite a while. The late 90’s and early 00’s were a rough patch for DC.

Whole books have been written about this period in comic book history. It’s a large discussion :grin:

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@BatWatch, there are not explicit guidelines prohibiting mention of sex crimes. However, we ask as a courtesy that if people want to discuss these matters, they ensure that the spiral of discussion is committed to a separate topic. There are many people who would like to have some kind of warning before being unexpectedly exposed to conversations that might inadvertently force them to recall being a victim to similar experiences.

Because we do not have the sophisticated functionality (yet) to ensure topics regarding sexual abuse and crime are marked with a tag, or hidden through a redaction that can then be expanded, we try to limit conversation around spontaneous, unexpected comments within broad topics. We do have a handful of topics dedicated to these conversations.

We will not delete comments like this (unless off-topic from the original post), but we do ask that if folks want to have an ongoing conversation that spins off from said original post, they create a separate, dedicated topic that those who do not wish to be exposed to such conversations can easily avo id.

It’s a more complex moderation practice than can be easily packaged into a guideline, so you’ll find that we manage such matters under the “stay on topic” rule.

Hope this clears things up :slight_smile: If you have super strong feelings and want to dig in deeper, I recommend e-mailing us directly at

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Let’s make Superman a horrible husband and father? Oh, wait…



Thanks for the info, AppleJack. I appreciate all your hard work.

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My nightmare is happening now with all the Harley Quinn love. Most overrated character ever.


I like pre-New 52 Harley, but I don’t get Deadpool light/sociopath Harley at all.


Jessica Cruz and Cassandra Cain teamup. Im not a fan of either.

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@BwanaBeastguy You better choose your words more carefully… nobody disrespects Cassandra Cain on these boards without some light verbal berating.