Bat Family Battle Royale

So just like the title says, what happens if the entire BatFamily, basically everyone post-crisis to rebirth, was thrown into an empty Gotham and were forced to fight until one was left standing. Who would come out on top? Everyone has their basic kits and stuff like grapple guns, batarangs, smokebombs, etc. Who do you think would come out on top in this family of trained vigilantes?


Batman, unless the others are smart enough to team up and take him down before going against each other.


I mean… it’s Cass.


My heart want to say Batman but he even mention Cass is better than him. And if she went all out it definitely the end for the family so Cass is my vote.


I am afraid many of you are missing a vital member of the Bat Family who, at this point (please correct me if I’m wrong), has yet to be defeated by anyone in the Family. This talented member has been lurking in the shadows, allowing them to assess the various skills of their family members. No one would assume this particular member of the family would be out to get them, even in this type of situation, and, therefore, would have the element of surprise. Thus, I believe Bat-Cow is the obvious winner.

However, if Bat-Cow did not deign enter the fight, I do believe Cass would have a good chance of winning.


I’m assuming you said post-Crisis because Bat-Mite would defeat them all in a second.


Be Near impossible to guess in a True Battle Royale. vs. if we are talking 1on1 fight club/thunderdome scenarios! :joy:

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Jarro would win. No doubt.

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Batman, no question. He’s the master, and they’re his students, even if they’ve graduated from the Batman School of Angst. He taught them all the know, and unless they could all band together to defeat him, I don’t see them winning. Even then, really, I still think it would take some wild luck.