Batgirl (2000-) #1

Batgirl (2000-) #1

This is my favorite character in all of DC. First Batgirl to get her own titled series. (Also first POC female to get her own titled series. DC did it first.)

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My favorite Batgirl! Cass is a badass and criminally underutilized. Love this series.


Much love to my favorite Batgirl. Would love to see more of her books in here. And really looking forward to more stories if that whole business with the Birds of Prey live action film follows through on the rumors.

New to comics, so on this app we only get a few issues of each comic series? If that is the case, I don’t see an option to buy other issues to continue story.

Heard about this character but never read anything with her in it. Will give this series a shot.

This is a great series, DC needs to upload the entire run immediately.

I love sweet Cassandra Cain! How she can be so deadly and yet all heart is crazy!