Batman (2010-) #619

Batman (2010-) #619


This run is seminal to the Batman mythos. It establishes Ivy’s effectiveness, is the basis for pretty much every Batfan’s argument over of Bats over Supes, and that beginning of the story when Batman takes out a whole mercenary group with surgical precision is a thing of beauty, especially when he starts thinking about how Superman would’ve handled the situation. I think that’s a great character moment as it shows the respect Bruce has for someone that does things in a completely different way than he does, plus it really sets up their upcoming confrontation well. Another thing I love about this run is the fact that so many of Batman’s past villains are being used as pawns, as my favorite Bat-stories are ones where he’s constantly on his toes and having to readjust to the situations he’s dealt.

Overall, I’d give this run like 9.5/10


I cant wait to see annimated version


Great run, now to see how the animated movie holds up.

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