Batman (2010-) #640

Batman (2010-) #640

This issue is absolutely brilliant.

Here we are given a beautiful insight into Bruce’s own psyche, specifically his need to rationalize everything (and more specifically death in the DCU), as well as how it can conflict with his own emotions. It seems clear that Bruce suspects that this new “Red Hood” character is actually Jason raised from the dead, which sends him off on his own quest to understand exactly what might have come of his fallen comrade. The bit where Bruce confronts Clark about his death experience is pure gold. As the world’s greatest detective, everything he has witnessed in the DCU has been some form of science, even if governed by the rules of some other plane. But now, as he grapples with the possibility of resurrection of one of his allies (one that he has mourned for years and while still dealing with the recent loss of Oracle), his own human emotions seem to be clouding his judgement. He leaves Gotham amidst a dramatic shift in power within the criminal underworld in order to further investigate the limitations of death within the DCU just because he feels the weight of Jason’s death on his shoulders. Absolutely brilliant.

Meanwhile, the reader get’s a glimpse of Jason’s perspective. As a man raised from the dead, it makes sense that he would have less of a problem with killing other people. After all, death clearly isn’t so final anyway, right? So we also get to see a bit of his extremist side of things before being confronted with moral dilemmas.


for a moment, seeing Red Hood fighting alongside Onyx, you feel as if Red Hood could fight for a greater good, then Red Hood levels guys with a mini gun and puts a knife in Onyx’s bad shoulder…

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It is great drama seeing Batman completely unhinged. He can’t figure out how Jason came back, so he’s losing his mind