Batman: Arkham Knight (2015-) #1

Batman: Arkham Knight (2015-) #1

Really good issue i like the arkham universe and happy to see more of it


Why when it says available for free then click on it and it won’t let me read it if it’s free I should be able to read it and not have to sign up for premium if I have to pay for premium till it read anything or watch anything I’m out I will delete this app

You should be able to access the content using a free trial, @mystimoser.82652 - I’m sorry you’re having trouble doing so. Please reach out to Customer Service so we can better investigate the issue for you:

@mystimoser dude…they were offering first month for 80 cents…if you’re not willing to pay to get FULL access then leave. Free trial doesn’t give you EVERYTHING, you get enough to see how it works. They’re releasing the full DC catalog in April so if you don’t join then you’ll miss out. I’m honestly tired of seeing people complain about this app when it’s always something either easily solved or totally avoidable